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Gary Friedkin dead of COVID-19 at 70 (1952-2022)

By- A.S.Jha

Date- 11-12-2022

Born Date

In Year 1952


In Year 2022


70 Years

Gary Friedkin - who played an Ewok in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" - died at the age of 70 from COVID-19 complications, according to an online obituary.

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difficult "three and a half weeks" in the intensive care unit of a Youngstown, Ohio, hospital, according to the tribute in the Tribune Chronicle.

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All those who knew him. “Gary was a beacon of joy and inspiration that will live on forever for generations to come to all who see his work.

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Garry Marshall once said, 'Gary makes my heart smile,'" "Happy Days" star Anson Williams, who played Potsie on the sitcom,

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exclusively told the Post in an email Friday. A piano player, Friedkin trained at the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University,

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where he reportedly graduated with a music degree. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he moved to

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Los Angeles and starred in the 1981 Chevy Chase comedy "Under the Rainbow". I made my Hollywood debut.

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