Services Offered

Free Health Coaching Consultation
- A 50 minute session in which we discuss your personal health history and goals. Should you be interested at that meeting we would discuss my 6 month program.

6 Month Health Coaching Program: Price discussed at consultation
- Meet twice a month for 50 minutes, these sessions will include a step by step plan that we have established to help you reach your goals. A discussion of your progress and a set of recommendations.
- Unlimited email support between sessions
- A variety of handouts, food samples, recipes and other materials to help support you between your sessions.
- A trip to the grocery store with you to help you navigate the aisles and put the right things in your cart

Healthy Shopping Help: $100
- I will come to your house and help you clean out your pantry and refrigerator of the unhealthy stuff.
- Then I will go grocery shopping with you twice to re-stock and learn how to shop healthier.

Workshops offered: (prices vary on travel/location)

Sugar Blues- This workshop highlights why people crave sugar and sweets. Teaches people how to gain control of their cravings without depriving themselves.

Eating for Energy- This workshop highlights the foods that are best for you to eat to have energy throughout the day.

Women’s Health- Women are constantly taking care of other people and often forget to take care of the most important person, yourself! Learn how to nourish and care for yourself.

Weigh Less, Live More
- Learn why diets don’t work while we explore the weight loss problems in America. Discover how to safely drop weight and feel satisfied while doing so.

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation or wish to have me do a workshop please contact me at

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