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For love of Carrots started in March of 2011 as a hobby and creative outlet for me to try out new recipes and blog about them. As the years have gone on and I have grown so has this blog.

What you can find at this blog now are health and wellness tips, my latest workout obsession, a little bit of running, life with my husband Jeff and our fur child Brady, restaurant reviews and local events in CT, and some cooking and baking recipes as I navigate the world as a gluten free eater.

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email me at forloveofcarrots@gmail.com

About the blogger
me and nora cupcake

My name is Kaitlin Crehan and I am a 28 year old blogger, freelance writer, certified holistic health coach and part of the KIND Snacks Field Marketing team, living in Boston, MA. I was born and raised in Fairfield, CT and moved to Boston with my husband and our dog in February 2016.

Upon graduation from college I traveled to South Africa spending 3 months volunteering there before settling into “real life.” I have had a few jobs in the social work field before trying my hand at managing and part owning a health food store. Ultimately my main passion always came back to writing and counseling people to gain knowledge and control of their health.

I was a swimmer from the ripe old age of 5 until I graduated college. Swimming helped me define who I was. After graduating college I took a long break from the pool and got into running. Since then I have run 6 Half Marathons and will continue to run as many as my body will allow.

I love to incorporate strength training (I recently discovered Body Pump and am obsessed) into my running routine.

I couldn’t imagine life without working out, I always tell people it is the best form of therapy for myself and it makes me a better person all around. And yes I am one of those crazy early morning workout people!


gf banana muffins

I love food! My passion for cooking and baking was learned at a young age as my mom is a fantastic cook and always let me help her prepare meals. I did a lot of “fad” dieting in college because I didn’t want to gain weight (which I ended up doing anyway), it wasn’t until I graduated that I learned how to properly fuel my body with non-processed foods. I started to experiment with recipes and figure out how to make them healthier.

About three years ago I became gluten free so it has been fun playing around in the kitchen with gluten free recipes. Although eating gluten free can be challenging at times, especially with a gluten eating husband I feel a millions times better since giving it up.

I aim to eat mostly organic, whole, unprocessed foods but I definitely enjoy the occasional ice cream or sweet treat every now and then.

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