Hudson: 7 Month Update

How on earth is this sweet boy 7 months!? Time sure is flying by and he is really becoming quite the personality! I really have never been more aware of how quickly time goes until I had a kid, it’s hard to believe we will be celebrating our first Thanksgiving with Hudson here.

Hudson is an active little man, he loves rolling around, spinning around, jummping and kicking. He hasn’t quite mastered the art of sitting up on his own or crawling but you can tell he really wishes he could crawl. Hudson loves chatting and certainly has a lot to say. While it’s all babbling it is still fun to engage with him and pretend we know what he is telling us. Hudson is so observant and really enjoys looking around, being outside, going on walks and watching the other kids at swimming lessons. Hudson started swimming lessons at the beginning of the month and while I think the class is a tad advance for him I mainly wanted him to be comfortable in the water and to watch the other kids in has class and maybe learn a thing or two from them. Hudson has loved it, while he can’t do half the things we are learning in the class I have noticed every week he seems to pick up a little bit of a new skill, he absolutely loves the water and loves watching the older kids splash around.


It has taken sometime but Hudson has adjusted to the knew child watch care takers at the YMCA and has definitely picked a favorite but behaves for all the ladies. He loves playing with the blocks there and watching the older kids.

Now that it is dark and cold we are looking for activities to do outside of the house after nap time.

Hudson celebrated his first Halloween and we dressed him up as a lobster! He was the cutest little lobster and my MIL made the best outfit and he even had a stick of butter to go along with him.

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Hudson also made his first and likely only modeling debut. Before we left Boston there was a modeling call for Tranquilo mat and Hudson was one of the models! While scrolling through instagram I came upon one of his pictures as well as saw his cute little face in a promotional email!

Feeding: Hudson still breastfeeds and basically exclusively breastfeeds because he won’t take a bottle. We have tried every trick in the book and he just isn’t interested in a bottle. He also only nurses on one side which is awesome (hello lopsided boobs!)..not! I have a whole post I want to dedicate to the topic of breastfeeding so that is all I am going to say about it for now.

Hudson is eating any and all solids, the kid loves to eat and he loves to feed himself. I don’t really give him pureed things unless its a pouch. I mostly give him boiled veggies that he can eat on his own, soft fruits, avocados he loves, he recently had a quesadilla and loved it, he also is a HUGE fan of the silver dollar pancakes from Trader Joe’s and these banana muffins (I add cinnamon to them to get them a little bit of flavor). Basically if anything is soft enough for him to gum I will give it to him. I am hoping by introducing a lot of foods to Hudson we avoid having a picky eater but only time will tell, for now I am really enjoying getting to introduce him to new foods and spices here and there.





Playing with toys (until he finds something that isn’t a toy and that is immediately 100 times better than said toy)

Being sung to, I basically make anything into a song especially if he is being a bit crabby.

Brady- Hudson loves when Brady wants to lick him, is near him so he can pet him (actually grab at him, we’re teaching him gentle but ya know he doesn’t really understand that)

Snacks- Hudson is a big fan of Bamba’s as well as Little Yums


Having his nose, hands, face wiped

Being hungry, tired, bores (the usual)

Stacking cups

Sensory balls

Fleece winter suit from Old Navy

How am I doing:
I am doing really well! We are settled into our place and Hudson and I have a nice little routine. It is hard to believe I once had an anti-napping kid because Hudson now loves his naps and is able to nap on his own, which allows me the opportunity to take a shower, get work done and things done around the house! I am still working on finding a group of mom friends for us to have playdates with but think it will come with time.

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