Hudson: 5 month update

Our little boy turned 5 months the other day (on the 17th.. winning at recaps!) and I am still in awe that we have a 5 month old! I am also pretty sad to be saying goodbye to summer but looking forward to all the firsts we get to have with Hudson! It will certainly make all the seasons that much better!

Hudson hit a few developmental milestones this month, he rolled front to back a few times before but never consistently until recently. He started rolling front to back and back to front but only in his crib at night for the first few weeks, he eventually started to show off in the light of day and he cannot be stopped. He enjoys rolling around and moving all around on the floor and in his crib. He has become more and more chatty and loves to laugh and be tickled.


Hudson has gotten over his boob favoring and breastfeeding has gone back to normal. I have dropped any night time feedings and just dream feed Hudson around 10pm and then he doesn’t eat again until the morning which is great because I actually feel rested in the mornings.

We started trying solids this month and so far he has had oatmeal, eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, green beans, has sucked on celery, green beans and carrot sticks and tried peanut butter, almond butter and sun butter! He seems to have liked everything he has tried, he was confused by what to do in the beginning but he is getting the idea. He really enjoys the nut butters and seems more and more interested in food and things I am eating so I am excited to keep adding more into his diet.



Being read to: Hudson loves reading and kicks his legs like crazy and he seems like he is really into the book. Some of our current favorites are Llamas in Pajamas, Underpants for Ants, Animal Noises

Brady: Hudson has really started to notice Brady and follows him around the room and likes when he licks his hands and will open his mouth wide when Brady starts to lick his face.


He loves music

He is starting to tolerate the car better and seems to enjoy looking around and looking out the window.

Shaking his toys that make noise and eating them

Dislikes: His dislikes haven’t really changed over the months.

Being tired

Being bored

Being hungry

How am I doing:

So much better than last month! I honestly was ready to check into a hospital for an extended stay I was so sleep deprived and felt like I was really failing at motherhood. Fortunately, we spent some time at my parents house and we were able to sleep train Hudson a bit. He has dropped any night time feedings and we did get him to sleep through the night for the most part.. its a bit hard in our current apartment living situation but we will get there. My current struggle is getting Hudson to nap in his crib, he loves to be held to nap.

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