Hudson 4 Month Update

Here we are, a few days late as usual but our little monkey man is now 4 months! I feel like just yesterday I was writing his birth story!

We no longer have a newborn on our hands and you can really tell. Hudson spends more hours awake, he no longer has that newborn look and is starting to really look grown up. He has hit a few milestones this month which include laughing, rolling from front to back (although he has only done this twice), he now has neck support so he can sit up and be held without someone having to hold it. He is giggling up a storm, he is overall a happy baby expect when he is tired, hungry, bored or his gums are bothering him since he has started teething.


He also took his first flight and went to Michigan to meet his great grandma and my aunt and cousins and some other family members!


Oh man breastfeeding, up until recently breastfeeding was going fine. I had a great milk supply and Hudson got plenty of milk and had no issues with nursing. Well a few weeks ago I got a milk bleb which is an awfully painful milk blister on your nipple and it clogs your milk ducts and affects the way the milk comes out, not to mention it is incredibly painful to nurse on. However, the only way to get rid of said bleb is to nurse on that side regularly. After eventually working the bleb out Hudson decided to boycott nursing on my right side unless it was his night time feeding or middle of the night (fingers crossed we are over that). Needless to say breastfeeding hasn’t been my favorite lately. I have added a little formula to his diet but I am hoping I can get my milk supply back to what is once was. Hudson still wakes in the middle of the night to nurse which leads me to believe he isn’t eating enough during the day so he makes up for it at night. So I am trying to focus on getting him to eat more during the day. Needless to say it’s been a tough couple of weeks in the feeding department and I hope I figure it out soon!


Being on his changing table- it’s funny that when Hudson was a newborn he hated being changed and on his changing table and now he loves it! He goes crazy kicking, screaming, squealing, laughing and chatting when he is up there.

Fisher Price jumperoo– Hudson loves being in his jumperoo and has some serious bouncing going on when he gets in there!


Fisher Price Sit me up– Hudson loves sitting in this thing, although his thick thighs make it a smidge challenging to get him out of it sometimes.


B is for Bedtime book- I tend to read the same books over and over again, especially if I like them and this is one of our favorites.

The Pout, Pout Fish– also one of our favorites!

Facing out in the baby bjorn carrier– We recently learned that the carrier we have doesn’t accommodate the outward facing position so a friend of ours let us borrow her Bjorn and Hudson loves getting to face outward in it! He is constantly looking from side to side and kicking his legs when he gets to see the world.

Honestly there isn’t
the usual of being hungry, tired, bored

being startled- unfortunately when Brady barks at the door Hudson usually starts crying because it scared him.

being still for too long

napping in his crib..some days napping independently

How am I doing?

This month was rather hard for me. The whole breastfeeding issue, on top of the sleep regression we seem to be going through and Hudson refusing to nap in his crib and some days anywhere but on my lap I’d say this month wasn’t my best. Most days I felt like I was failing at this whole mom thing, I lost my patience far more times then I would like to admit and I certainly shed a lot of tears. I think I have lost that hormone you get when you first have a baby that makes you be able to get through the day on little sleep. I would pay big money to go to bed and not wake until the next morning.

We have a pretty good routine for our day to day activities but I feed on demand and we don’t have a strict nap time schedule (yet, I am hopeful this comes with time) as someone who thrives on routine this has been hard for me. I need to know I am going to have a time frame each day to myself to pick up the apartment, sit down and do work, write a blog post other than Hudson’s updates because I miss getting to blog regularly, I have so many posts I want to write and no time to write them. I am hopeful we will figure it out and I will eventually get Hudson to nap well and sleep through the night but for now I will take it day by day and enjoy his smiley, giggly self!

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  • Aw I loved reading this but I’m sorry you’re going through such a tough time! Please remember that my babysitting offer still stands :) I’d love to hang out with the little guy while you and Jeff can go out and enjoy some adult time. I’m sure a routine for Hudson will come with time and I get how tough it is not to have one. I’m proud of you for pushing through!