Freezing Time with JORD Watches (Giveaway)

This post is in collaboration with JORD Watches. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Keep an eye out for a giveaway at the end of the post.

Time, it really is a tricky thing. In some aspects of life we are wishing for time to move quickly, watching the minute and hour hand on the clock hoping for it to move faster. Other times we are looking at our watch wondering where that time went!


Isn’t it ironic that we spend most of our adolescence wishing time away? I distinctly remember wishing to be older, to be in middle school, to be 16 so I could drive, be in college, celebrate being 21… you get the idea. But now that I am an adult and a mom all I want is for time to slow down.

I remember after Jeff and I got married and came home from our honeymoon I wished for that time back, it went too quickly and suddenly it was over.

While I didn’t love being pregnant I did my best to savor every stage and not wish time away, until the last week (since I was a week late) of course when all I wanted was to meet our little boy.

Now that Hudson is here and we are fully immersed in parenthood I would give anything for time to slow down! Everyday Hudson changes a little more and more. His personality is really coming out and I love watching him grow
and develop. But, it makes me sad to see how quickly he is growing and changing. What happened to that little boy I brought home? Wasn’t it only just yesterday?

Becoming a parent has me in a constant state of man I wish this day would end just so I could go to bed and man this little boy is growing up too quickly why can’t I start this day all over again and freeze time.


Parenthood has taught me to slow down, cherish the moments, not to rush life, enjoy every stage and to be more present. Stop hoping for the hour hand to move.

I thought maybe I should stop wearing a watch so I wouldn’t look at it so much but then I thought maybe if I just changed my perspective I could still wear one, after all this JORD watch is too cute not to. But I decided that rather than looking at my watch and counting down the hours until bedtime I would look at it as having x amount of hours in the day to spend together. Whether we have activities planned or not, it is time I get to spend with my baby who before I know it won’t want to spend time with me.

While I can’t keep my baby little forever I can give you an opportunity to win a JORD watch and challenge you to cherish the moment, freeze your own time.


JORD watches offers unique wood made watches for men and women. I love the look of the wood finished watch with the different colored faces. But I especially loved the look of the dark sandalwood and emerald.

To enter the giveaway simple click this link! One lucky winner will win $100 gift code and if you don’t win you will still receive a gift code of $25 at the end of the contest! CONTEST ENDS 8/27/17! Good Luck!

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