Hudson: 3 month update

The months are just flying by and this handsome devil is 3 months old! The days with this little boy get better and better, he is really coming into his own little personality! He is super chatty, smiley and loves to kick his legs like crazy. He is trying to roll over and grabs and kicks at things. We have noticed that he has noticed his feet and hands but we aren’t sure if he has figured out that he has 100% control of them.


Feeding: Hudson remains a good eater but I have noticed that he can go much longer during the day between feedings. With the heat lately he doesn’t seem too interested in eating during the day.. don’t worry he makes up for it at night ;(. We spent about 2 weeks away between going to Cape Cod and Fairfield so I think being away threw off his sleep/feeding schedule and then we transition him to a crib so his great (for me) sleep pattern has yet to return. I am hopeful he will get back into a decent grove and go back to his 6-7 hours stretches of sleep.

Sitting on your lap and sitting forward on his own.

Being upright on your lap and looking around at the world.

Being sung “If you’re Happy and you Know it”

Watching the big kids play at Child Watch at the YMCA.

The pool.. at least I think so, he doesn’t cry so there’s that.


Chatting with mommy and daddy.. or any visitors

Move baby Move class.. I will probably continue to say this every month but as the weeks go on I can see Hudson love it more and more.


Reading books.. especially “The Pout-Pout Fish,” “Brown Bear Brown Bear,” “Yekapo of Zopoland” (my grandma wrote this book).


Being hungry

Being bored

Napping in his crib (I am hoping we can change this but its a struggle)

How am I doing: I’ll admit the lack of sleep has become a challenge for me some days. Hudson’s sleep schedule has changed so much in the past few weeks that the nights are less predictable and I am not always getting very much sleep. Some days are harder than others and sometimes I feel like I am failing at the whole mom thing. My patience can be very thin some days and I ultimately end up feeling guilty because I know he doesn’t have any control of what he is doing/ any other way to communicate with me than cry. We all have our moments I suppose and I don’t think he will hold it against me. It also helps that he gives me the cutest little smiles and coo’s all day long so I forget how tired I am (sometimes)!

It is also a struggle to get Hudson to nap in his crib which is something I am trying to make happen since I have work I need to get done and things around the apartment I would like to have time to do. But he is still a little guy so I am hopeful we will eventually get there.

Despite the lack of sleep issue I am doing well. I am lucky I get to spend my days with Hudson and it is amazing to see how much Hudson grows and changes on a daily basis. I do my best to keep us busy with activities outside of the house and I utilize a lot of free resources in the area. He goes to child watch most mornings so I can workout, we meet up with friends (which at this point is more for me than the babies but its so necessary), go to the local pool, go on lots of walks, story time at local libraries and of course our favorite baby yoga class.

I am happy to say I make it to the gym 5 days a week and it is so necessary. I need it for my sanity and the days that I don’t make it I always say to myself later that I wish I had made it there. I love getting to spend my days with Hudson but I am a much better mom when I get to have that 45 minutes to an hour to myself, especially right now that Hudson can’t always nap independently.

Things of current concern are my post partum hair loss, I know it is normal but man it falls out by the bunches. I think I shed more than the dog! I also have a raging sweet tooth most days and look for chocolate constantly, I am blaming it on the lack of sleep but I got to work on pulling it together!



WubbaNub– now that he can grab them he likes them

Fischer Price Bouncer- he always sleeps in this at child watch at the YMCA. I can’t find the one they use at the YMCA, its pretty old.

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