Hudson: 2 Month Update

Another month gone means our baby is another month older! It is true what they say babies “wake up” after 4 weeks because Hudson has really woken up in the past few weeks. He spends less time sleeping all day and more time looking around, taking in the world and smiling! Hudson has been smiling for us, coo-ing and just generally happy lately and both Jeff and I have said we are happy to see him this way because for a while we were worried he didn’t like us. In the beginning when Jeff went back to work and he would come home and ask how our day was I would say I felt like every time I picked Hudson up he would be like ugh you again and now I feel like when I pick him up he is more like yay you again!


Hudson’s eating remains great, this kid doesn’t miss a meal and if he thinks he is going to he will let you know! Gone are his scrawny little legs and arms, he now has those thick baby thighs, arm rolls and a cute little belly. He is teetering on no longer fitting in his 0-3 month clothes and I just added his 3-6 month clothes to the mix!
I continue to feed Hudson on demand but his feedings during the day have become longer and less frequent which is nice because I feel less like a milk maid and like we have more time to go out and do things. He wakes up once during the night usually around 2:30/3am (sometimes closer to 4!) to feed and then wakes up anywhere between 5:30-7 to start his day. When he wakes up at 5:30 he usually takes a nap around 6:30/7 so I am hope we can transition out of the 5:30 feeding into a longer sleep.
I am looking forward to the day that he sleeps through the night because honestly I need a good night sleep!

The monkey on his play mat- whenever I lay him on his mat he is always smiling at the monkey hanging above and cooing to it.

Music- we like to listen to Ed Sheeran, the Bon Iver playlist on Pandora, the Raffi playlist on Pandora

Being held- he’s no fool he knows if he cries someone will pick him up and hold him. He likes to be held and likes to nap in people’s arms.

Move baby move class- we go to a baby yoga class once a week and his development from week to week is amazing! The first class I had zero expectations and I am glad I did because we cried, peed through our clothes and nursed during the class (aka hardly participated) but since then we have successfully completed the class and Hudson seems to really enjoy it. He also is the only boy in the class so I think he is trying to impress his lady friends.

Tummy time on his boppy pillow- thanks to said Move Baby Move class Hudson now likes tummy time if we prop him up on his boppy, he likes to see the world, until he doesn’t and he scoots himself backwards off the pillow.


Bath time- Hudson seems to enjoy his bath time and just lounges while I wash him.

Being read to- I try to talk to Hudson as much as possible throughout the day but sometimes I am tired so I will read to him. I am happy to report I have made it through “Love you Forever” without crying. There were several attempts made to read it before but I never made it to the end of the book because I would start crying.

His car seat- legit a torture chamber in his eyes

Being hot

Being hungry- he legit goes from zero to starving in a matter of seconds and cannot stand to wait.

How am I doing:
Overall pretty great! I finally feel like I understand Hudson’s wants and needs, sure some days can be long and harder than others but I at least feel like I have a much better grasp on things. I have learned to have zero expectations for the day and rather than have a list of things I hope to accomplish for the day I have a list of things I hope to accomplish in the week which really helps! Some days I can get more done then others. I now know that everyday is unpredictable and we may make it out of the house or we may not. For the most part we always make it out for some activity or walk or to the YMCA. Solo errands with Hudson happen but they aren’t always my favorite because if he gets inconsolably fussy its harder to tackle holding him, pushing the stroller or cart and finishing up whatever errand I am running. I am trying to become more comfortable with them but it hurts my heart when he gets himself so worked up.

I have been working from home a little bit which has proven to be pretty difficult and I find hard to get things done some weeks. I am fortunate that most of the things I need to get done aren’t time sensitive but I am still learning to juggle the best I can.

Physically I am feeling pretty good, however I learned the hard (or unexpected) way that I am still on the path to full recovery seeing as I peed myself the first time I did plyometric exercises and the first time I went out for a run. I guess it takes time for the pelvic floor to be fully recovered and that I need to take time to do some strengthening exercises!

I aim to get 3 strength training workouts in a week and the other days usually include walks. I’d obviously love to make it to the gym everyday but it’s easier said than done and naps are all over the place so it isn’t always feasible which is fine, I am learning to go with the flow which is huge for me as I like to plan and have a schedule/routine. As far as running goes I have gone out for a few runs and actually just tackled a run with Brady and Hudson which I survived. It will take me a while to get my running legs back but I am looking forward to getting back into it and hope to get a 1/2 marathon on the calendar for the fall!

Bouncer– now that Hudson has discovered his legs he kicks up a storm so he can make this bounce. It is great to put him in it so I can get things done in the kitchen or hop in the shower quick.

Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym– Hudson really digs this especially the monkey that hangs down in the middle. Often when I plop him on it in the morning he immediately starts smiling at the monkey and coo-ing to it.

Honest Diapers and Wipes: we are (or I am) a sucker for anything that will make my life easier so signing up for the Honest monthly bundle was a no brainer for me! The convenience of knowing my diapers and wipes will be delivered straight to my door is wonderful plus the diapers are the best in my opinion, we have tried a few brands and I feel like Honest diapers hold the most. A bonus, the designs are so cute! I cannot wait to get our summer prints in the mail!

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  • Reading this was such a joy! Proud of you for learning and accepting going with the flow and the weekly to do list is a great idea. That’s actually what I do at work and it helps me be less stressed day to day! Can’t wait for my next visit to see Hudson, oh and love the “Love You Forever” shoutout. Has he read “Good Dog Carl” yet?!