Hudson: 1 Month Update

I am pretty sure every month of this first year I will say I can’t believe my baby is x month’s old! It is true what they say the days can be long but time goes by oh so fast!


Hudson seems to be changing on a daily basis, it seems each day he has discovered something new, he continues to grow and he is starting to have meat on his bone. His once skinny little legs are getting the cute little baby rolls! While he still spends most of his day alternating between eating and sleeping he is becoming more and more alert. It is so fun to see him start to notice things and look around and listen to his cute little baby noises. He smiles a lot in his sleep so I hope he gives us an awake smile soon!

His current weight is 10lbs 15.5oz and his height is 22.8 inches.


Hudson picked up breastfeeding right away and my milk came in within his first 2 days of his life. He has been a breastfeeding champ ever since. I currently feed on demand and in the beginning he would feed for a short amount of time often. Over the past two weeks he has started to feed for longer periods of time less times a day. Which is much better because I feel less like a milk cow and also feel like I am able to do things throughout the day. It also helps that I make him eat on both sides during a feeding and will wake him up if he falls asleep while eating, which happens often. I aim to have him feed 10-15 minutes on each side and it usually keeps him full for the next 2-3 hours during the day and at night he will sleep for 3-4 hour stretches. However the other night he gave me a 6 hour stretch which was much appreciated.

I have finally gotten used to the broken sleep and for the most part am able to function on the broken sleep. In the beginning I took naps most days but once Jeff went back to work it was hard for me to nap because I felt like I needed to get as many things done as I could when Hudson napped.

While I don’t love pumping and some days find it hard to find the time to even do it, it has been nice to have the option for Hudson to take a bottle. He took to it like a champ right away and I am happy to report didn’t have any nipple confusion, I also refuse to be the one who gives a bottle to him because I don’t want to ruin our breastfeeding. My mom came for the week last week and gave Jeff and I the opportunity to have a date night and it was nice to be able to venture out for a few hours and have a few drinks and know he was in good hands and had plenty of milk to keep him full for the evening!

Since we are on the topic of feeding, breastfeeding hunger is real and I feel like I am eating all the dang time! It has gotten a tad better over the past few weeks but when we first got home from the hospital I was living for what I could eat next! While the majority of the things I eat are healthy my sugar cravings are on a new level and find myself perpetually looking for a sweet treat.


Bouncing up and down– as soon as he starts to fuss I bounce him up and down and he immediately calms down

Being sung to– Bless this little boys heart he has yet to realize his mom has an awful voice and enjoys when I sing to him. We sing “no more monkeys jumping on the bed,” “the wheels on the bus,” and “patty cake” often. Jeff and I also enjoy making up songs.

Dancing in mommy or daddy’s arms- when he seems to be inconsolable dancing around and singing seems to do the trick.

Kisses on his forehead.

Naps on his dog blanket– he loves to nap on this dog blanket my friend got us.

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Kendrick Lamar “Humble”… just kidding I am just a bad mom and obsessed with the song so I play it all the time so I’d like to think he likes it!

Napping on someone– while I can’t do this all the time it is so precious when he just falls asleep on mine or Jeff’s chest.


Having his diaper/outfit changed– honestly you would think we were torturing our child.

Having boogers cleaned out of his nose


Being in his car seat too long

Being gassy or backed up (who likes that!?)

How mom is doing:

For the most part I am doing great! I love this little boy so much and feel very grateful that I get to spend my day with him watching him grow and develop.

I often forget that we are 4 weeks postpartum and that we have done much more then most people do in the first 2 months of their babies life. Catering 100% to someone else’s needs has been an adjustment which was to be expected. I have learned to not have expectations for the day, some days I will accomplish things and other days we might not make it out of the apartment and that is ok. I don’t do well sitting at home all day so it has been an harder on the days we can’t get out. Jeff went back to work 2 weeks after Hudson was born but has been able to work from home 1 or 2 days a week which has been nice to have some adult company. I also have a great group of mom friends and we try to meet up and go for walks when we can and the weather allows it.

Jeff and I have made it on lots of outings despite it taking much longer to get out of the house then usual. We knew it was important for our sanity to get out. We have been out to eat, to friends houses, to brewery’s and for lots of walks as a family and we have lived to tell the story.


Physically I feel great! The first two weeks of postpartum recovery were interesting for me, as someone who is constantly moving and hardly relaxes being limited in my activity and spending most of my days sitting and feeding was hard. The first day we were home we went out for a walk because I was dying to get some fresh air and I basically walked backwards I was walking so slow. I didn’t want to aggravate anything since I tore and had stitches. I was slowly able to build up my walking strength and now walk long lenghts. I also eased my way into working out last week. I basically do short at home strength workouts a few days a week. Some days I can do them in one go other days it takes me 2 hours to complete a 30 minute workout. I am anxious to get back to workout classes and to start running again but I also don’t want to push myself too hard too quickly. Right now I am just focusing on doing what I can when I can and not putting too much pressure on myself. I only gained 18lbs during pregnancy so thanks to breastfeeding and genes I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothes so I am not focused on losing the baby weight just getting some definition back in my body. I definitely have a new appreciation for my body and what it is capable of and my focus is making sure it is able to offer my baby the appropriate nutrients to keep him healthy and growing.

Emotionally I am doing well, I was worried about having post partum depression because I have a history of depression/anxiety but I am happy to report I haven’t experienced it. I made it a priority to see a therapist pre Hudson’s birth and have been able to continue since he was born which has been something I am glad I put into place. I definitely have had a few “blue” days but they are usually correlated with lack of sleep, weather or if Hudson is having a tough day. I am really enjoying being a mom and some days can’t believe we created this little boy!

Favorite things:

BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush– people laughed when I told them I bought this! But, Jeff and my mom quickly took it back once they used it because you are able to put diaper cream on your baby’s bum without having to get it on your hands!

Sound Sleeper app– we downloaded this at the hospital when Hudson got really fussy and played the “sshh” noise and he was soothed almost instantl. We use it often when we are out and about when he gets fussy.

Babynursing app: I use this app to track all my nursing sessions and mostly to remember which side I finished nursing on so I nurse on the opposite side the next time. It is challenging to remember especially late at night. I also loved it when Hudson was a newborn so I could keep track of his wet diapers; they want babies to have the same number of wet diapers as days old he was.

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