Hudson’s Birth Story

On April 17th, 2017 we welcomed our little boy Hudson Dennis Crehan into the world at 7:28pm weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and 21 inches long!

I am still trying to figure out how that guy was in my belly and decided he was comfy enough to come a week late!
40 weeks

At my 40 week check up (and due date 4/10/17) our little guy was still hanging out. So we scheduled an induction for the following Monday should he not arrive before then.

Well you better believe I did all the cliche things to coax this guy out and it did not work. I also had a ton of false labor throughout the week which was extremely disappointing because every night I would go to bed thinking this is it and then woke up still pregnant the next day. I did my best to busy myself, Brady and I walked everywhere but alas this little guy did not want to show up.

Monday morning (4/17/17) was Patriot’s Day here in Boston, also know as the Boston Marathon. We are lucky enough to live right around mile 22 a perfect viewing spot, however it wasn’t good for people who needed to get to the hospital. Fortunately our check in was at 7:30am and we hoped things went according to plan from there because if they wanted me to go labor at home it wasn’t going to happen.

We checked in and were escorted to the waiting area. I was due to get a pill for cervical ripening in the hopes that I would go into labor naturally after that. Once I answered a few questions I changed into a gown and strapped up to a monitor to be monitored before they gave me anything. When the dr. came in to check me we found out I was already 3cm dilated and too far along for cervical ripening. They wanted to give me pitocin to help get labor going and that wasn’t something I had initially wanted so the dr. told me to just hang out for a while and continue to be monitored. The idea of Jeff and I going out for a walk and coming back in a few hours was floated around but shortly after that the dr. came back and said I wasn’t leaving. They didn’t say this to me directly but I don’t think the nurse liked that our little boy wasn’t moving too much on the monitor. But also at that point my contractions had started to come every 5 minutes and started to get stronger and there was no way I wanted to experience even stronger contractions in public!

Around 10am we were moved up to Labor and Delivery. I knew I wanted to have an epidural at some point in my delivery experience I just knew I didn’t want to get it too soon because I would be stuck in bed which could slow down labor. So they set me up with an IV and gave me a small “whiff” as they called it of Pitocin and my contractions really kicked off from there!

We hired a Doula (I will share about our experience in another post) to be a support during our delivery but due to the marathon she was delayed getting to the hospital.

I did my best to work through my contractions which were now coming every 2 minutes and Jeff helped me get through them by applying pressure to my back, this seemed like the most effective way for me to work through them. My nurse suggested we go for a walk which was no easy feet and by the time we made it back to the room I had dropped the f bomb enough times to know I was ready for the epidural. This was around 12:30 or 1pm.

Let me tell you having regular contractions and getting an epidural put into your spine is not easy but the epidural was amazing! Despite the fact that I was stuck in bed I was able to nap through strong contractions that came every 2 minutes. My doula and Jeff kept asking if I felt anything and I said no why and they were both like you are having some serious contractions.

At around 2/230pm I was at 5 1/2 cm dilated and (I dont have much sense of time) the dr. came in and broke my water, which according to Jeff was anti-climactic, the movies make it out to be so dramatic!

After that we hung out for a bit eventually I felt nauseous and very shaky which my doula informed me that I was transitioning to fully dilated and it wouldn’t be long before it was time to push.

Around 6:30pm my actual OB checked in for her shift and came to check on me and see how far along I was. When she checked me she told us it was just about time to start pushing.

As soon as she said this I started to get pretty emotional, they were all tears of happiness but I was also pretty nervous about pushing itself even though I couldn’t feel anything below my legs.

40 minutes of pushing later our little boy was placed onto my chest and all the worries and fears I experienced during pregnancy seemed to disappear.


Jeff and I both looked at each other with tears in our eyes overwhelmed with love for this tiny human and said how perfect he was!


We are so happy to be his parents and can’t wait to experience life with him!

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