Native: The BEST All Natural Deodorant

I received samples of Native Deodorant as part of a collaboration with them. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

As you all know I aim to use and wear aluminum free, all natural and paraben free products whenever possible. Some things just don’t always work that way for me. For example I used Jason toothpaste for a few years and ended up getting several cavities so unfortunately I am back to things I can find at CVS.

BUT, when it comes to my deodorant I need it to be Aluminum Free (this causes breast cancer), all natural, paraben free, free of chemicals, dyes, etc. Something that I am putting on so close to my breasts needs to be chemical free! As someone who has breast cancer in her family I am not messing around when it comes to the products that are going so close to my breasts. And now that I am about to have a little baby’s head so close to my armpit there is no way I want chemicals like the ones that come in deodorants you can find at CVS near his head.

However, finding a good and I mean GOOD all natural deodorant has been a 3 year long experiment…(just ask my husband) Tom’s, Kiss my Face, Jason, Crystal Rock while they all worked in the moment they pretty much failed the workout test and the summertime sweat test. Let’s not even talk about the sudden change in temperatures or going from AC to warm weather outside..sorry anyone who got too close!

BUT, BUT, BUT I am so happy to tell you that I have tested a lot and finally found you the BEST all natural, aluminum free, paraben free and chemical free deodorant on the block… Native Deodorant!!

I have been testing it out for a few months now and I am soo incredibly pleased with it! It passes the everyday wear test, the hardcore sweat test, the temperature change test and the scent test.. it smells delicious!

My absolute favorite scent is the Coconut & Vanilla scent and no surprise the most popular one. I have also tried and enjoyed the Eucalyptus Mint which is a seasonal scent and the Lavender and Rose. I was also super impressed that they have travel size which is perfect for traveling and currently in my hospital go bag!

I highly, highly recommend this deodorant and you can try it now and receive 10% off your order of 2 or more by using code carrots10 at check out :)

Happy chemical free sweating!

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  • This deodorant is seriously the best i have tried, and as a sweaty stinky person i would know because i have tried a LOT of deodorants , including mens. I find that they smell ok at first but then if i sweat a tiny bit it turns sour smelling and BO comes to party. SOOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!! But this just smells like a summer day at the beach minus BO lol

  • I want to order some, but I have yet to be successful, so I tried facebook.
    This is the best deodorant I have used in years, better than any I have tried, not easy to find.