Prenatal Yoga at Sadhana Yoga

I am what you would call a fair-weather yogi. I go in spurts of really liking it and go for a while and then I fall off the band wagon and stop going.

I think my problem is that I want yoga to make me feel the way I do after a good workout class, cardio session or weight session and it just isn’t going to do that.

I have realized I need to approach yoga for what it is, a good practice for me to get centered, be present and opportunity to really stretch out my body.

While prenatal yoga isn’t something I have done consistently throughout pregnancy it has been welcomed with open arms all the times that I have. It is amazing how much it makes my sore, tight hips, tired legs and tight back feel so much better!

For a while I was going weekly to Coolidge Corner Yoga when I purchased their 30 day for $30 package. It was great but I never renewed after the holidays.

I was recently contacted by Kristen to check out Sadhana Yoga in Back Bay which is ironically Coolidge Corner’s sister yoga studio.

Sadhana just has one yoga room and is one of those studios where you walk in and are immediately in the yoga room.

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I joined in on a prenatal yoga class a few Sunday’s ago and it was exactly what my body and mind needed! Kristen was our teacher and she did a great job of working on all of the ailments we had discussed in the beginning of class. I definitely left the class feeling stretched and refreshed!

I definitely want to go back to the studio after I have this baby it had such a warm and inviting atmosphere!

While I received a complimentary yoga class in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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