What We Did In Charleston SC

When it came time to plan our little getaway we didn’t want to plan too much, after all we were going to relax a bit.

We arrived in Charleston around lunch time on Saturday and after checking in to our hotel we headed out to explore. We were told all the restaurants and shopping were on King St and Market St so we headed to Market St where we walked thru the market checking out all the vendors offerings. We didn’t buy anything except for fresh squeezed lemonade but we tried some delicious Okra chips and as I type this up I wish I had some to snack on right now!


We eventually grabbed lunch and then continued to explore King St, window shopped, I watched Jeff do a Mead tasting while I sampled all the honey flavors before we eventually went back to the hotel for a nap before dinner.

Sunday was my birthday and probably the rainiest day there. We refused to let the rain get in our way and when we set out to grab breakfast before our massages we got completely soaked by two cars driving by and splashing puddles on us. It was rather comedic and something straight out of a movie and we both just looked at each other and laughed, fortunately we weren’t too far from the hotel and turned around to change and hopped in an taxi to breakfast.

After breakfast we headed to our 90 minute massages we had on the agenda. This by far was the thing I most looked forward to all trip! I can’t believe the amount of back pain I had from carrying this tiny human around and could not wait to have someone work it out.

Jeff had booked us appointments at Earthlings Day Spa.

`The space is adorable, the front is a shop where you can buy jewelry, lotions, essential oils and a whole bunch of other trinkets. Once you check in you are brought to the back room where you are greeted and brought to a changing room where you change into your robe and slippers. While you wait for your massage therapist (or whatever service you might be getting that day. Earthling offers facials, body work, manicures, pedicures and waxing) you can sip on tea, water or snack on some trailmix.

My massage therapist came and greeted me and brought me to the room where I was happy to see they made the table pregnancy belly friendly and I wouldn’t have to be massaged laying on my side which I have heard is common if places don’t have a table to accommodate a safe belly laying position. That didn’t seem like a relaxing massage option.

I unfortunately cannot remember the name of my massage therapist (thank you pregnancy brain) but she was incredible! She focused mostly on my areas of complaint which were my lower back and legs and worked out all the knots and tension that was built up in them. I was very sad when my massage was over and contemplated how mad Jeff would be if I added more time to my massage!

If you are headed to Charleston and in need of a little relaxation I highly recommend going to Earthlings Day Spa, Jeff raved about his massage just as much as I raved about mine. We both left the spa feeling extremely relaxed and a lot less tense.

After our morning at the spa we headed back out into the rain and decided to go to the Aquarium for the afternoon. The aquarium was much smaller than we thought and it only took about 45 minutes to walk through the entire thing. Once we were finished the weather outside was still pretty dreary so we decided to head back to the hotel to rest before going back out for dinner.

On our last day there the rain finally took a break and we took the opportunity to head to Magnolia Plantation. Magnolia Plantation was about a 20 minute ride from where we were staying but well worth the trip. Upon arrival we hung out with the animals while we waited for our tour from Slavery to Freedom.


Magnolia Plantation was a rice plantation and the owner Mr. Drayton was said to be one of the “nicer” plantation owners, which we all agreed just helped him sleep at night. The tour of the slave plantation was really interesting and they showed us how their living quarters changed as the years and rules of having slaves progressed.

After the tour we walked around the plantation and did the nature walk to see an alligator. We finished the walk just as the rain started to pick back up and at just the right time to catch a ride back to town.


We finished our trip walking around town and with one last delicious meal!

You can read all about the food we ate here if you missed it!

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