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This past weekend Jeff and I escaped the cold (for rain but at least it was in the 60s) for a much needed Babymoon. Early on in pregnancy I told Jeff we didn’t need to go on a babymoon, we are in serious savings mode to hopefully find and buy a house this summer and I didn’t want to throw a wrench in our plans. But as the months went on I started to see why people go on Babymoon’s and I am so very grateful that we found it in the budget to go. It was a much needed opportunity to reset, reconnect, relax and not talk about baby related things.

If you know me in person then you know I don’t relax, I just don’t know how to. I need to do a million things and they need to be done all the very second that I think of them. But being away allowed me to step away from that.. I took naps, laid around and watched pointless tv, enjoyed lots of delicious food and just enjoyed being out and away with my hubs and no obligations.

When it came to planning the trip we didn’t make too many plans of activities to do but we did make sure to make plans to eat! Everyone we talked to had so many restaurants to recommend to us it was hard to narrow down exactly where we wanted to go but I think we did a good job of picking some good ones!

SNOB or Slightly North of Broad:

We arrived into Charleston just around lunch time so after checking in to our hotel we made our way to down Market/King st where a lot of shops and restaurants are located. We happened upon SNOB and because we got so many recommendations for it decided to pop in for lunch.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is amazing and definitely screamed southern, from the tile on the floor to the decor and bar, we were big fans of it.

The cornbread that they served was incredible and worth it for a little bit of a stomach ache later for me. All the dishes people were getting around me looked delicious!

I went for the Mepkin Abbey Mushroom Omelet with spinach and goat cheese but took out the mushrooms. It is hard for me to tell if I didn’t like it because of my pregnancy taste buds or something else but I wasn’t feeling this meal. The eggs were a strange texture and the flavors were off.


However, I didn’t let that ruin my opinion of the restaurant because Jeff got the Shrimp and Grits and I stole a few bites and it was delicious! Full of flavor and perfectly seasoned.

shrimp and grits

Although I didn’t love my meal I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling to Charleston and would tell them to skip the eggs 😉

Cru Cafe:

This was a very popular recommendation so we knew we had to check this place out! We headed there on Saturday night for dinner and Jeff and I both agreed it was the best meal we had all trip.

Cru Cafe is off the beaten path a little bit and if you aren’t looking for it you might miss it. The restaurant is a house turned into a dining area so it isn’t super huge which was something I really liked about it. I highly recommend making a reservation prior to going. Upon arrival we were greeted by Nate the general manager who I had spoken to prior to going to the restaurant he lead us to our seats and Jeff and I made the tough decision of what to order for dinner.

Once we placed our orders with the server Nate brought out something for us to try from the kitchen. He brought out homemade gnocchi with their homemade sauce. I tried a bit of the gnocchi and thought it was delicious, before being gluten free I never really enjoyed gnocchi but this one was pretty good, the real show stopper for me though was the sauce. I am not really a big sauce person but this sauce was so good I ate mine and Jeff’s.


While I was waiting for our table to be ready I saw the fried green tomatoes go by and new we had to try them, our goal (or really Jeff’s its challenging for me being GF and not wanting to have a stomach ache the whole trip) was to try as much native cuisine as possible and we figured we couldn’t get more native than fried green tomatoes.

fried green tomates

The tomatoes were delicious and I especially loved the feta cheese sprinkled all over it and Jeff enjoyed the pork belly croutons.

For my main meal I went for the Grilled C.A.B NY Strip with Pomme Puree, Crispy Brussel Sprout Leaves
Forged Mushrooms, Veal Demi-Glace
. This dish was sooo incredible, the sauce was insane and the brussel sprouts were perfectly crispy, the cut of meat was cooked perfectly and had no fat on it and was a huge portion. If it weren’t for a small child who takes up half my stomach I would have eaten every last bite and licked my plate clean.


For Jeff’s main meal he got the Piedemontese Beef Short Rib which came with Pecorino Romano Gnocchi, Braised Carrots, Baby Arugula Espelette, Bordelaise Sauce. The short rib portion that came with this dish was huge and Jeff was happy to get more of the gnocchi he sampled at the beginning of the evening.

short rib

We both left the dinner raving about our meals and with very full bellies!

The Daily:

As a green juice, smoothie drinking, forever in search of a good cup of coffee kind of gal I obviously needed to find the closets juice/smoothie bar.

I awoke on my 29th birthday with determination to start my day with a good cup of coffee and a delicious smoothie. Thanks to Yelp I found both those things at The Daily.

If you weren’t in search of good coffee and smoothies/green juices I am not sure how you would find this place. It isn’t in the general downtown area where a lot of hotels are in walking distance of. It was a little out of our way but so worth the $5 uber ride for (it was walk-able from where we stayed and we did walk to it on another occasion however it was pouring buckets the first day we ventured to it).. so much so I insisted on going back on our last day to get breakfast and lunch for the flight home.

The Daily is a local market place where you can get delicious coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, pastries, breads, wine/beer and grab and go lunch and snacks.

the daily

On both visits there Jeff and I both got smoothies which were delicious and I got their yogurt and house-made granola one day and their chicken salad and raw veggie salad another day. As Jeff said “if we lived in Charleston I would live in that coffee shop.”

the daily

Taco Boy:
In case you didn’t know the way to my heart is through guacamole and margaritas. On my birthday we actually had plans to go to a fancy restaurant but all I really wanted was chips and guac, a taco and a mocktail margarita so we cancelled our reservation and I got all of the things I wanted at Taco Boy.

Taco Boy was also recommended to us and not something we would have stumbled upon while walking around downtown Charleston, it too is off the beaten path but worth the trip.

The chips/guac and tacos did not disappoint and neither did my $2.50 mocktail margarita! If you go here I highly recommend the kimchi beef taco.

taco boy


For our final night we went to Husk for dinner; our final night was a Monday night and had we not made a reservation we would not have gotten a table. This is also an old Victorian home turned into a restaurant and if you weren’t paying too much attention walking past you might think it was still someone’s home.

Husk changes it’s menu on a daily basis for lunch and dinner so what they have one day might not be there the next day which I thought was very unique. I came across a few issues when dining out on the trip and those were that it wasn’t always easy to find something on the menu that was gluten free and pregnancy friendly. You would be amazed with all the things (fish especially) that you cannot eat while pregnant so as much as I would have loved to dive into a ton of fish entrees I wasn’t able to do so.

For my meal I decided to have one of their starters which was Bear Creek Farms Short Rib, Potato Pancake, Horseradish Crème Fraîche, Sour Cabbage, Roasted Turnips, Caraway Jus and a side of roasted sunchokes, broccoli and peppers. I only got two small pieces of short rib so I would have enjoyed a little bit more but I still thought the dish was delicious and thanks to a little someone in my stomach I was perfectly satisfied after my meal.


Jeff opted for two starters for his meal and went for the Kentuckyaki Glazed Pig’s Ear Lettuce Wraps, Sweet Vinegar Marinated Cucumber, Red Onion, Benne


and Slow Smoked TN Pork Ribs, Citrus BBQ, Candied Benne, Puffed Pork Skins


We fully enjoyed eating our way through Charleston and definitely want to go back and try many of the other restaurants we missed!

*There is no shortage of delicious authentic food in Charleston.. be sure to make reservations prior to visiting.

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