A wedding and vacation in Harbor Springs

Well I certainly didn’t mean to disappear post vacation but it was hard to get back into the swing of things and low and behold my computer decided to kick the bucket and I couldn’t make it to a store until this past weekend.

Alas, here I am to recap our wonderful vacation.

We kicked our vacation off with my beautiful sister in laws wedding in Rockford, IL. They had an absolutely perfect day and we had the best time celebrating and spending time with family.
me and mom

me and jeff

me and kim


Also if you are planning a wedding I love this idea that they did for their guest book, everyone wrote on a Jenga piece!


After the wedding we headed to Harbor Springs, MI with my parents, my grandma and my aunt and uncle and cousin. My godmother and her daughter even joined us for a few days.

My parents rented a house in Harbor Springs and it was perfect for the amount of people staying there. We had a quick walk down to the beach and spent lots of time there, lounging on the sun porch, playing games and just spending time together. It was really a relaxing vacation!



One of the days we went to Mackinac Island, no cars are allowed on the Island and you can rent bikes to ride around the Island on. The whole length of the Island is about 8 miles, we didn’t go all the way around the Island but got to see some pretty views. I am not the best bike rider so my mom and I decided to get a tandem bike which was an experience, it took us a little to get the swing of things!



Mackinac Island was a beautiful place but definitely a tourist spot in the peak summer months.

On rainy days we explored neighboring towns, went on a tour of Kilwin’s went to the movies, napped and read.

As most vacations do it went by all too fast! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a very relaxing vacation spending quality time with each other!

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