Your Holistically Hot Transformation


When Marissa asked me to read and review her new book Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-judgment I jumped at the chance, I love to support a fellow health coach and IIN Grad.

About the author:
Marissa Vicario is an award-wining, board-certifed Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, blogger, and Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Expert. As the Founder of Marissa’s Well-being and Health, she is passionate about teaching women to trust them-selves to make nutritious, slimming, and energizing choices without resorting to fad diets and all-juice cleanses.

Marissa opens her book as a relatable 20 something gal living in the big apple trying to figure life out. She speaks candidly about the ups and downs of dating, her not so healthy eating and drinking habits that I think most of us can relate to on some level or another.

Having hit her “rock bottom” she figures out how to get it together. She teaches herself how to cook nutritious and healthy meals. Finds her passion as a health coach and learns how to teach women to be their healthiest, best self.

Why Holistically Hot:
Marissa wanted to get away from the word skinny. She wanted this book to be more approachable, she wanted healthy, fit and balanced to encompass hot and holistic represents her method of practice. Having people look at their whole body not just diet and exercise. A holistic approach means looking at a persons mental health, physical, emotional, spiritual and how all of those play factors into how we look, feel and treat our bodies.

About the book:
In this book Marissa educates her readers on why diets don’t work, touches on the body and what it needs in regard to carbs, fat and protein. How sugar affects us in more ways than we may realize.

At the end of each chapter she gives readers a quick tip on how they can put everything she talked about in the chapter into practice.

Some of my favorite tips she gives is turning your fridge into a salad bar. She recommends prepping a bunch of grains and veggies at the beginning of every week so that it is easy for you to assemble a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. She also suggest pre-assembling your smoothies which is something I recommend to my clients as well. It makes life so much easier if you can just pull a bag out of your freezer and dump it into your blender, it saves time in the morning and doesn’t give you an excuse to skip breakfast.

Marissa’s book is full of useful tips for anyone who is looking to get their health on track, she will give you the tools you need to get started and it is always refreshing when you hear health and wellness experts personal experience and know that they worked hard to get their holistically hot bod.

My favorite tip Marissa gives her readers at the end of the book is that life is worth living, if you make a mistake it is ok. If you eat too much one day, its ok! Life is worth living and meant to be enjoyed! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Success comes from positive affirmations not negative ones.

If you are looking to get a kick start on your Holistically Hot self I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy of Marissa’s book! You can find it on Amazon in Kindle version or Paperback.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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