Things I’m Loving Friday

Happy Friday! As you read this we are en route to Illinois for my sister in laws wedding!!! After the wedding we are headed to Harbor Springs Michigan for vacation with my parents, grandma and one of my aunts and family.

By far the thing I am loving the most this week is all the family time that is happening in the days and week to come!

Aside from that things I’m loving lately are…

Califia Farms Nitro Brew: Califia is releasing a new cold brew coffee with almond milk and all the ambassadors got to try it out! These are meant to be popped open, poured out as is or over ice and drank. I typically drink my coffee black and on occasion I enjoy putting a splash of almond milk in my coffee. These make the perfect addition to my morning coffee, the mocha is my favorite and I have been enjoying adding it to my coffee!

nitro cold brew

Collagen Eye Zone Mask: You all know how much I love collagen and that I am doing everything in my power to keep my skin from aging. I recently discovered collagen eye zone mask and use them every morning! I have noticed the skin around my eyes seem to be tighter and my dark circles have gotten much better. Highly recommend these for people who are on the anti-aging train, it is never too early to take preventative measures!
collagen eye zone

Willow Tree Farm Chicken Salad: Long time readers know that I despise mayo. I recently got samples of Willow Farms mayo-less chicken salad! It has 70% less fat and 50% fewer calories than leading chicken salads. The better-for-you benefit comes from Avèyo which is made with Hass avocados, white vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, and lime juices and pureed at the peak of ripeness, replacing the eggs and most of the oil while still maintaining the creamy texture and delicious flavor one expects from a classic chicken salad. What makes the chicken salad stand out from the rest is the cranberries which are mixed in for an extra bite of tangy flavor. This chicken salad is right up my alley! I love making chicken salad, tuna salad or egg salad with avocados! It makes for a great salad topper and I am sure would be great on a sandwich for those that can enjoy bread! They also sent me Sriracha Chicken Salad but unfortunately it wasn’t gluten free so I couldn’t have it but Jeff tried it and said it was delicious!
willow farms chicken salad

Hello Caroline: Hello Caroline is a clothing, accessory and home decor store that recently opened on Newbury street (there is also one in Brookline) and last week I got to go to the press preview for it! The store is full of so many cute clothes and they are all so affordable! Everything in the store is under $80 and most of the things I picked up were less than $40. I tried on lots of clothes but only left with a top. I got this floral off the shoulder blouse and cannot wait to wear it on vacation! Lucky for my non-local readers you can shop online :)
hello caroline

Strong and KIND Honey Smoked BBQ bar: I generally gravitate towards all the bars that involve dark chocolate (ie. dark chocolate nuts and spices, dark chocolate almond mocha, dark chocolate almond mint, dark chocolate cinnamon pecan, you get the idea) however our Strong and KIND bars are incredible and the BBQ is my new jam lately. It tastes just like a BBQ chip and hits that salty craving I have from time to time.

strong and kind

What are you loving lately?

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