One Skillet Frittata

I love a good frittata, I could literally eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We often have frittata’s for dinner or special occasion brunch with my parents.

I love frittats because they are literally no non-sense meals that take little to no time to plan and you can throw anything you want into them. As long as you have cheese and eggs in your refrigerator you are good to go you can take anything else you might have and throw it in there!

Having said that I typically gravitate towards the same hodgepodge of ingredients every time I make a frittata and I figured it was about time to share the recipe with you.

Also the BEST thing about this is that you get one pan, YES ONE PAN dirty!

one skillet frittata

One Skillet Frittata:

6 eggs
6 egg whites
1 TBS ghee (or kerrygold butter or another butter)
1/2 red pepper diced
1 cup cherry tomatoes halved
2 cups spinach
3 chicken sausage, halved and chopped into bite size pieces (I used Trader Joe’s Chicken Apple, Chardonnay but you can use any sausage you please or omit for a vegetarian option)
1/2 cup shredded cheese (any type will do we had a mexican blend on hand)
salt and pepper to taste

1.) Chop red pepper, tomatoes and chicken sausage and set aside.
2.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
3.) Heat a large cast iron skillet on medium heat. Once hot add one TBS ghee. Once the butter is melted add your red pepper, tomatoes and chicken sausage to the hot pan.
4.) Saute until the sausage has browned, add in your spinach and mix until spinach has wilted. Once spinach is wilted turn off the heat.
5.) In a bowl combine your eggs and egg whites with cheese and salt and pepper. Mix well.
6.) Pour egg mixture into your pan of veggies and chicken sausage. Stir until combined.
7.) Put your cast iron skillet in the oven and bake for 30 minutes.

This is a great make ahead meal if you want something quick to take for breakfast on the go, or even lunch on the go!

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