Things I’m Loving Friday

It has been a while since I have posted a things I’m loving Friday post so let’s dive right into it!

Lemon Cayenne Hint Kick Have you tried any of the new HINT Kick flavors? They all have 60mg of caffeine in them! The lemon cayenne is delicious and definitely has some heat!

hint water

Lobsters: Can you believe I hadn’t had lobster this summer until this past weekend! We cooked up some lobsters with my family when we were home in CT last weekend and they were delicious!

Matcha tea latte’s: As you know matcha is so great for you and thanks to my co-workers I am now addicted to matcha tea latte’s with almond milk when available! Buying matcha latte’s out can get very pricey so I ordered myself some more matcha on my latest Thrive order and I am looking forward to whipping them up at home!

matcha tea latter dig inn

Easy Walker: Um, I am not sure why I waited until Brady was 4 to buy this but better late than never I suppose!? Anyway for years I have heard about how amazing the easy walker is and that it keeps dogs from pulling. Well this leash does exactly what it claims to do and I am so glad I finally purchased it! Brady is a little confused by it but I am so glad it is working!

brady easy walker

Aspen Bay Jar Volcano Candle Capri Blue: I just love the smell of this candle so much! I originally saw it at Anthropology but found it for much cheaper on Amazon.

capri blue volcano

Smoothie Bowls: I am a creature of habit and love smoothies in the morning but sometimes I like to throw it in a bowl and top it with some homemade granola and pretend I am eating ice cream for breakfast!

smoothie bowl

What are some things you are loving lately!?

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