Dig Inn Boston

If ever there was a restaurant made for food bloggers and photographers this my friends is the place.

Dig Inn is what all my #kitchengoals are made of! Clean white walls, marble tables and counter tops, gold detail, coral chairs, succulents everywhere and wide open windows. The lighting is on point, you hardly need to edit your pictures.

Dig Inn falls under the fast casual dining umbrella but it is so much more than that! Dig Inn supports food from farms, they shop and prepare seasonal foods, they serve mostly vegetables but do have meat and fish for those interested, they believe in quality; everything should taste as good as the first batch did, and they believe in sitting and enjoying your meal and maybe meeting someone knew while you do it, think long family style seating.

Similar to something like a Sweetgreen/Chipotle/Cava you can order off the menu or custom make your own salad or bowl. Start with grain or greens and you add your toppings from there.

Honestly, I love a place you can custom make your meal. I am the type of person who likes to cram all the things I like into one salad and I find the custom ones make me feel limited or that I always want to add a thousand other toppings to it.

I had my first trip (and certainly not my last) to Dig Inn yesterday with my friend Bethany. Thankfully she has been there before so she knew to go early to beat the lunch rush. We met around 11:30 and boy am I glad she knew it would be busy. We were able to order quickly and snag a table on their beautiful marble tables! Did I already mention that!? I just adore marble!

For my lunch I created my own salad, in case you didn’t already guess that! I started with mixed greens, topped with chilled broccoli with lemon and tomatoes, spiced sweet corn, roasted green and yellow zucchini and salmon that was perfectly charred and topped with pesto sauce. I also got one of their iced matcha latte’s which was delicious and I LOVED the fact that they default to using almond milk as oppose to regular milk, it was such a nice surprise!
dig inn boston

We spent a good hour and a half eating and chatting and within that time the line grew longer and longer, you can definitely see that it is the new place to be! I can only imagine it is JAMMIN’ on the weekends! P.s. they serve brunch! Until 10am during the week and 3pm on the weekends!!

I can safely say if I had to wait in line it would have totally been worth it!

Local people have you been to Dig Inn yet?

What is your favorite “Fast Casual” restaurant?

I wasn’t compensated for this post, it was just too good not to share!

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