4th of July Weekend Fun

Hey there! I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

Our weekend kicked off on Thursday night with a date night at Ribelle, a restaurant walking distance from where we live. Thanks to one of Jeff’s reps we had a nice gift card to use there! We both shared one of their specials for the evening which was delicious clams in yummy garlic sauce! It is really too bad I can’t eat bread because I woud have soaked up all the broth with it!

For my meal I went off the menu a bit and ordered their swordfish sandwich sans bread with extra swordfish. I basically had them make an app into a meal and it was delicious! I loved how crispy the swordfish was and the sauce on the bottom under all the green beans was delicious.

Jeff went for the steak and potatoes. It looked delicious, he liked it but didn’t love it!

Friday Jeff had the day off but I worked for a few hours before we had our friend Kayla come into town. Kayla lives in New Hampshire so it was easy for her to get here on a holiday weekend. The forecast called for rain on Friday afternoon but it fortunately held off long enough for us to enjoy some outdoor rooftops!

Once she arrived we headed into the city and started our afternoon off at my favorite spot Legal Seafood Harbor-side. After some time there we headed down the street to check out The Envoy Hotel Rooftop bar. It was pretty crowded which is to be expected but we were still able to enjoy the view and enjoy some cocktails!

After that we made our way back into the city to grab dinner and after dinner we decided to grab a movie and get some ice cream and relax at home! #weareold

Saturday morning Kayla and I took Brady for a walk and then I headed to the Cape with my brother… which took us WAY longer than I want to experience ever again but we kept busy thanks to all the snapchat filters and Spotify 2000s Smash hits playlist! When we finally made it there we hung out, enjoyed a delicious meal and crashed hard!

It was nice to wake up on the Cape Sunday morning and I took advantage of a biking/running/walking trail close by and went for a run. After my run I posted up on the beach with my book. Jeff eventually made his way to the Cape and we hung out on the beach for a little while before heading to my mom’s friends party.

Every year they have a huge cookout and this was our second year attending. There is never any shortage of delicious food! After hanging out for a while Jeff and I made our way back home.

We spent our 4th hanging out, we took Brady for a hike at Cat Rock park so he could go swimming and did some summer cleaning in the afternoon.

We finished off our evening with dinner and some Orange is the New Black, we are slowly making our way through the season but it is kind of boring me. I have been told it gets good so I will stick it out!

Hope you had a great time celebrating with family and or friends!

How was your weekend?

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  • Um so I was at Legal Harbor-side Friday afternoon too! Haha I’m so surprised we haven’t run into each other yet. I can’t even imagine the Cape traffic Saturday. I was going to drive to RI Friday afternoon until I saw how bad the traffic was and decided to take the train instead. Next year I need to get out of the city earlier! Always worth it to be at the beach with family though.
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