Boston Calling: My first music festival

Over the weekend I attended my first ever music festival..

Admittedly I am not a huge concert goer. I find concerts to be too loud and too crowded for me to handle (I know old lady status). I would much prefer to see a small musician play in a cafe over a large venue any day.

But my reason for being at Boston Calling over the weekend wasn’t for the music (because I literally knew none of the performers except Sia and Sufjen Stevens) I was actually there for work!

oh ya.. I finally have a job!

A few weeks ago when I was literally loosing hope about finding a job I got a phone call about a brand ambassador position for KIND Snacks that I had applied for before we even moved to Boston.

So I interviewed and am now a part of Bostons KIND Snacks Brand Ambassador team!

And no it’s not like the type of brand ambassador partnerships that some blogger (myself included) have with companies where they just send you stuff in exchange for brand awareness/occasional shout outs.

I actually work for KIND, I get a paycheck, go to events on behalf of KIND dressed in KIND apparel and sample bars, hand out bars, bring brand awareness and spread kindness!

So this past weekend was my first official event/weekend on the job and I loved every second of it!

It was so fun to bring brand awareness to the festival, to hear how much people love Kind bars and how psyched they were about trying some of the new flavors that have recently launched.

Another highlight was the mural we had concert attendees help build for Boston Children’s Hospital. Anyone could write a well wish on a colored post it and pin it to our mural that once done said “Get Well” and is a picture of the Boston sky line. It will eventually get framed for the kids at the hospital!
get well mural

We also had flowers for people to take and pass along to friends or random strangers and it was so great to see how much people loved the idea! (see picture at top of post)

Aside from the music being eh the food at Boston Calling was pretty awesome! They had Bon Me, Ruth Chris and Whole Heart Provisions (my personal favorite) to name a few! On Saturday it was so hot I never got around to eating lunch but Sunday I took advantage of experiencing Whole Heart Provisions for the first time and it was delicious! I had the ‘Miso’ (roasted broccoli, smashed cucumber, edamame, shaved brussels sprouts, red cabbage slaw, sesame crunch, orange miso dressing) and added crispy chickpeas and I cannot wait to order it again!
whole hear provisions

So although the music wasn’t my scene my first concert experience was definitely a success due to the work I got to do and the great team I work with!

I am already looking forward to next years Boston Calling because the venue is going to change and it is going to be a music festival as well as a film festival! I am hoping that means the opportunity to have some celeb sightings!

Are you a festival goer? What is your favorite music festival?

How was your weekend?

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