Things I’m Loving Friday

Hello there and Happy Friday! This week has been go, go, go for me and I am looking forward to playing catch up on life this weekend. I hope to be more on top of my blogging game next week! Anyway let’s dive right into this weeks things I’m loving Friday! Feel free to join in in the comments section!

New Polar Seltzer Flavor: I don’t buy seltzer too often anymore because I was drinking far too much of it but these flavors were to hard to pass up! I loved both of them but I think the Watermelon Margarita was my favorite!
polar seltzer

Getting to be a model for the day:
On Tuesday I got to live out my childhood dream of being a model! I got my hair and makeup done at Mitchell John Salon to do some modeling for their social media/website/living proof products. It was so much fun! I am excited to see the pictures considering they made my eyebrows basically non existent!

Reebok Skyscape Viva: I am obsessed with these shoes! I bought them a month or so ago when I was at the Reebok HQ (p.s. if you are ever there you get 50%) and wear them ALL the time. They are so comfortable and perfect for walking around the city in! They have memory foam so they form to your feet and bonus you can throw them in the wash to clean them! I highly, highly recommend them!
reebok skyscape

ProYo Dutch Chocolate: I am trying to cut back on my sugar, ya know like the rest of the world because #summer. But really my sweet tooth has been out of control lately so I have been snacking on the ProYo Dutch Chocolate pops when my sweet tooth hits! It is perfect because it has 20g of protein so it actually fills me up while satisfying my sweet craving!

Seeing my family this weekend: My brother is graduating college this weekend so we will be heading to Worcester this weekend to see him graduate and spend time with my family! I can’t believe my baby brother is graduating college!

Have a great weekend!

What are you loving lately?

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