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Can we just talk about a few things for a minute? Can we discuss the fact that LITERALLY every time I do something on my phone it tells me the storage is almost full!! Guess what, I have checked my storage and there is plenty of room for activities, so STOP trying to get me to buy a new phone Apple!

Another thing… how on earth is it MAY ALREADY!? I mean wasn’t it just January and didn’t we just move to Boston? Every time I meet someone and say “oh I just moved here,” I have to catch myself because it has been 4 months, I’m not really that new anymore.

Now that we have gotten that cleared up let’s move into the things I am loving this week. Feel free to jump in with what you are loving in the comments section!

Heading home for the weekend
… While I really do love living in Boston I appreciate the fact that we live close enough to drive home! Prior to moving up here we spent a lot of time with my parents and I miss getting to see them on a regular basis. It is always nice to go home and spend time with them and see our friends that are still in the area!

The new KIND Snacks Breakfast bar… at the Fitbit local event there was a ton of Kind bars for people to try. I was able to snag a few of the new Breakfast bars they recently launched and I am a huge fan! I am currently really into the Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Almond. They come with two in a pack so I like to crumble one of the bars up and sprinkle on top of my smoothie in the morning.

FlyWheel and ProYo.. Last week I got invited to try my first FlyWheel spin class. The class was sponsored by ProYo Treats. ProYo is a high protein frozen yogurt with clean ingredients and more nutrients than your average frozen yogurt. For every rider that came to class ProYo donated $25 to The Charles River Watershed Association to benefit clean water. The spin class itself was fun, the instructor played great music and had high energy! I also enjoyed the ProYo treats that were waiting for us after class! I love all things chocolate so I enjoyed the Dutch Chocolate.

Siggi’s Orange and Ginger Yogurt: Oh my gosh this yogurt is insanely delicious! It was on sale at Whole Foods so I picked one up the other day and I wish I bought more than one! It has little bits of ginger in it that pack the perfect punch!
siggis dairy orange and ginger yogurt

Bitch Sesh Podcast: I know we just talked about Podcasts last week but my friend told me about Bitch Sesh over the weekend and I have been hooked since I started listening to it! They basically recap the most recent Real Housewives episode but they always keep it real, raw and inappropriate! They also talk about hilarious and personal life things (seriously listen to episode 21, you will pee your pants laughing). If you ever need a pick me up, or just to laugh out loud you should definitely listen to this podcast!

What are you loving lately?

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  • I loved going to that class with you and hanging out after. Have fun this weekend! FYI I had the same issue with my phone until I changed my text settings from “keep forever” to “delete after a year”. It freed up a lot of space! Or you can even change it to delete after 30 days. Should be in your settings!
    Caitlin recently posted..Pub Run with True RunnerMy Profile

  • Have fun at home! That’s what I’m most excited about moving to Boston (very soon!). It’s close enough to see family whenever you want but far enough that you get to enjoy the city life. Cannot wait to go to all of these fitness events with you and Caitlin!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted..Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

    • Yayy!! Can’t wait to get to workout with you! I am hoping you get me to go to November Project with you! One of the weekly workouts is very close to my apt so I really need to get my butt to it!