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This isn’t a sponsored post, I did receive a complimentary hair cut. I wasn’t asked to share my experiences in exchange for anything. I genuinely had a fun day yesterday and wanted to share it with you.

Yesterday I got the unique experience to be a Living Proof Style lab “model.” Every couple of months Living Proof puts on training classes for hair dressers to come learn a new styling technique and a new hair cutting technique and what Living Proof products to use for what. I chose to be apart of the hair cut day. It was my understanding that the hairdressers selected were those who sold the most Living Proof products at the salon they worked at. The hair dressers were from all over, my hair dresser for the day Katie was from Orlando, FL.

There were 11 of us there to get our hair cut, we arrived at 10:30 and once everyone arrived we were brought into the salon area to meet our hair dresser. Once we met with our hair dresser they told us about the cut they were going to be doing which was a bohemain shag which is basically a different technique for doing layers. After we talked about what we wanted and didn’t want they put Living Proof Restore Instant Repair into our hair and let it soak in before washing.

Once we had our hair washed we had a lunch break before getting into the cut.

It was interesting to be apart of the cutting process because they would demonstrate and talk about the step they were going to do and then our hair dresser would come back to use and do the step. It was fun to see how they learn/are taught.

This didn’t really work in my favor because after step one I was having a minor panic attack that I wasn’t going to like what was happening to my hair. I wished they didn’t put a mirror in front of us so they didn’t see my hair until the end because by the end I was happy with the final product.

After the cut we got a blowout (before the blowout my hairdress put some Timeless Plumping Mousse to give my thin hair some oomph!) and they rolled our hair and sprayed some Living Proof Flex Shaping Spray in the curls and let them sit for a little bit before taking them out.
living proof

Once they took the curls down they sprayed the no frizz humidity shield on our hair and we were good to go!

living proof hair

living proof hair

We were also gifted with some pretty awesome swag! Which I cannot wait to use, my hair already looks and feels a millions times healthier after one day of using their products! I am most excited about the dry shampoo, I have heard it is the BEST dry shampoo on the block!

living proof swag

I really had a lot of fun and would love to go back sometime for another hair cut or try out the styling session.

Have you ever used any of the Living Proof Products before? What is your favorite?

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