Things I’m Loving Friday

I feel like it has been a while since we have met for a Things I’m Loving post so I might have a lot this week! Feel free to share what you are loving in the comments section!

People Magazine: I don’t know how (and I promise I have checked all the credit card statements) I started receiving People Magazine in the mail! I am convinced someone secretly gifted it to me for my birthday and hasn’t come forward about it but either way it has been awesome! I love catching up on all the celebrity gossip and the book recommendations they have every week! I am especially looking forward to this week’s because of all the Bachelor Buzz!!
people magazine

Speaking of THE BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a proud member of #teamlaurenb for weeks now and proclaimed to Jeff several weeks back that I thought she would win! I am glad she did! I also look forward to watching JoJo on The Bachelorette!
people mag ben and lauren

Library card: About a week ago I went to my local library and got myself a library card! I absolutely love going to the library and browsing the aisles for the book I am looking for or going in and picking up books randomly. I am glad I can use my library card at any Boston Public Library because my library is pretty small and wont always have what I am looking for.
boston public library

Our debut in the Improper Bostonian: Several weeks ago now Jeff and I joined Cait and her boyfriend at the Envoy Hotel for a fun event to benefit the New England Center and home for Veterans. Jeff and I got our picture taken by a guy there and never asked him where he was from. Turns out he was from the Improper Bostonian and we had our picture printed in this months issue! #celebstatus
improper bostonian magazine

Califia Farms Chocolate Almond Milk: I know I have raved about their regular almond milk before but I recently tried their Chocolate Almond milk and loved it, it is super rich and creamy. I liked to add a little bit to my coffee in the morning!
califia farms chocolate almond milk

Freezing homemade cookies: Remember those gf funfetti sugar cookies I made last week?
gf sugar cookies
Well, I was the ONLY ONE eating them, not that there are many people in my house who could eat them. Brady would have happily taken a few off my plate if I let him but Jeff proclaimed sugar cookies are his least favorite cookie, who doesn’t like butter and sugar!? Anyway in effort to not eat ALL the cookies at once I decided to freeze them so that I could have them for a while and take three one out at a time as I wanted them! Genius right!? I don’t know why I haven’t thought to do this in the past!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  • I was always pleasantly surprised by how many great books I was able to find at my little Allston branch of the BPL! Glad you have joined up.
    I love that you guys got into the Improper! I have had that happen a few times with events. Always fun.
    See you tomorrow! :)
    Caitlin recently posted..Weekend Getaway in Cape CodMy Profile