Checking Out Beacon Hill Yoga

On Sunday evening I was able to join a few bloggers for a yoga class at Beacon Hill Yoga located at 57 Phillips St.

Beacon Hill has quickly become one of my favorite spots and you can be certain if you come and visit me I will be taking you to the neighborhood. It is just so cute and quaint and reminds me of being in Europe.

Considering Beacon Hill Yoga is in Beacon Hill I had a feeling it was going to be cute spot and it certainly was. The studio is located on a corner and when you walk in you literally walk into the studio! There is no check in desk, no entry way between you and the studio it is just the studio. I was a bit taken a back by it when I first stepped in the door but after I went in I actually found it to be cozy. It is different than every other studio I have been to which I liked. I am huge into energy and how I feel when I walk into a space or meet someone is very important to me, if you don’t give off good energy or a space doesn’t give off good energy we probably wont be friends or I probably wont be back. Fortunately the studio gave off awesome energy and upon walking in I immediately felt calm and relaxed which is exactly what a yoga studio should do for you.

I arrived early and was able to catch up with Steve who I met a few weeks prior at another event and got to know Kyle who was our instructor for the evening. I really enjoyed both their company and found myself wishing that we could have kept talking instead of doing yoga! Eventually a few other ladies showed up (Danielle, Alina and Rebecca) and we did introductions before starting class.

Once everyone was all set Kyle led us through a beginners yoga class since some people were new to yoga or had been out of practice for some time. The class was just what I needed, I had done back to back Yoga Sculpt Friday and Saturday, worked on Saturday night and Jeff and I took Brady on a hike earlier in the day on Sunday. I was in need of a good stretching! Kyle was a great instructor, made sure to cheer us all on and help us make adjustments when needed.

While the Beacon Hill Yoga studio may seem small it can actually hold 15 people, they offer lots of different classes including hot yoga! Kyle is a regular teacher there as well as at a few other studios. I highly recommend you find him and try one of his classes!

Beacon Hill Yoga offers a great deal for new students $25 for 2 weeks unlimited classes!

Have you ever been to Beacon Hill Yoga?

What is your favorite kind of yoga to do?
It is hard for me to quiet my mind and hold poses so I am a huge fan of Yoga Sculpt because you are continuously moving and sweating, so much sweating!

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  • I have not been to this studio but adore Beacon Hill as well! I think it’s cool that you just walk right in and the studio is there, very minimalist! My favorite type of Yoga is definitely Yoga Sculpt, I had a great class yesterday, but when it comes to non bootcamp style yoga my favorite is probably a heated vinyasa because I love that extra sweat.
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