Finding Your True Beauty with Vega Vitality

Over the weekend I got to join a few bloggers for a tour of the new Vega Vitality office space and to meet some of the lovely women behind Vega Vitality.

Vega Vitality aims to “empower people to improve their overall wellness and choose to shine.” The idea of Vega Vitality was started by Stephanie a board certified Cardiologist at Mass General and Ashley a nurse in the cardiac ICU at Mass General. Stephanie and Ashley met working at Mass general and both shared a passion for health, wellness and inspiring people to find their true beauty. They decided they wanted to open up a place where people could come and work on any aspect of their life that they wanted to. Stephanie focuses on the overall person and is available for nutrition, health and lifestyle coaching.

Ashley is a nurse and thoroughly trained to administer cosmetic injectables and perform other skin enhancing services. If botox and fillers are your thing she is your girl.

As well as Stephanie and Ashley you can also find some other amazing women that work there. If accupunture, yoga, reformer pilates, reiki or facials are things that interest you you can certainly find that there.

Upon arrival to Vega Vitality we were presented with Bellini’s and lots of other goodies. We mingled with other bloggers in attendance and then were given the opportunity to speak to the women of Vega Vitality one on one and learn more about their specific services.

vega vitality boston

vega vitality boston

While I didn’t get a chance to connect with all the women that work there the ones that I did were great.

I had the pleasure of meeting and really connecting with Tara Krueger, she is a certified reiki specialist as well as a yoga instructor. She also hosts a guided angel meditation class at Vega Vitality on Thursdays at 5:30 that is $20. I was immediately drawn to Tara she has a really calm energy about her and is one of those people you meet and just want to share your life with. I told her how interested I was in trying reiki and she told me about how a typical session works and in the middle of our conversation she shared with me that she felt like I needed a hug and to tell me that whatever I am going through to know I am not alone (the whole job searching thing can really be a bitch and deserves its own post), which was something I definitely needed to here and almost made me burst into tears. Tara is offering a complimentary 30 minute session to those of us who were in attendance this weekend but her sessions are usually 60 minutes ($120) or 90 minutes ($150). I definitely plan on using my 30 minute session and will most likely extend the session, I feel as though this is something I need at this current moment in my life and will help me to put my mind at ease and offer some clarity. I will definitely share my experience afterwards. If trying reiki is something that you have been interested in you can book an appointment on the website or email Tara at

Another woman I connected with was Mila, Mila specializes in something I had never heard of until the other day. Mila is a certified and heavily trained in semi-permanent cosmetic artist. Her company is called BrowMuse and she specializes in semi-permanent brows. Using a microblade she is able to create, shape and give you the eyebrows of your dreams. I suggest checking out her instagram account (@browmuse) to see all of the eyebrow transformations she has done, she is a very talented woman! All of her reviews are incredible and everyone praised her attention to detail and the fact that she thoroughly explained every step of the process. I was super impressed with Mila and her talent and I was extra grateful at the end of our conversation when she handed me a gift card for the FULL value (the service cost $650 and includes your initial session and a follow up session a month later to check the healing process and to make sure you are satisfied) of her service for the opportunity to try it out! While my eyebrows are much better and thicker than when I was younger (ugh, why didn’t I listen to my mother when she said thin eyebrows were not cute!?) I always struggle with symmetry and have some “bald spots” if you will so I am looking forward to getting my eyebrows filled in and the exact shape I am looking for! I will definitely share this experience on the blog once I have my session. Mila isn’t currently working out of Vega Vitality because her service is so specialized she has to get licensed in every city she wants to work in. You can visit her studio in Wellesley, MA until she is at Vega Vitality. The best way to book an appointment with Mila is by emailing her at or shooting her a message through instagram.

All the women that work at Vega Vitality are contracted workers so everything is done by appointment which can be easily done on their website.

A big thanks to Lisa for planning the event and the wonderful women of Vega Vitality for opening up their office to us and taking the time out of their weekend to educate us on the services they have to offer!

Have you ever tried reiki? Reformer pilates? Does any of the above services interest you?

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