Birthday Weekend Recap Part 1: Shopping at Chestnut Hill

My first “official” weekend in Boston and my birthday was certainly a success!!

After my last Pure Barre class with Maria I hit the road to Boston, I had a fun afternoon planned and I couldn’t be late for it!

In the afternoon I met up with Cait at the Chestnut Hill Square for shopping, blowouts and cocktails! Chestnut Hill Square is a cute little spot where you can get your workout on at Soulcycle, go get a post workout blow out at Dry Bar, find a cute new outfit/accessories at one of the cute shops (i.e. Francesca’s, Anthropology, Athleta…), stock up on your dinner party necessities at Wegman’s or skip the dinner party and hit up one of the restaurants (i.e. Seasons 52, Brio, Capital Grille…)! It’s basically your one stop shop to all your errand needs!

But I seem to have gotten away from myself…

While waiting for out blow-out appointment Cait and I got to pop into Francesca’s where we got to pick out a pair of earrings and a necklace. Let me tell you this was no easy feet, they have sooo many accessories! But, that’s why you should always go shopping with a girlfriend! They help you decide on the perfect thing to suit your style.
francescas at chestnut hill square

After picking out our jewelry we headed next door to The Dry Bar for our blow outs.
the dry bar chestnut hill square

I had Jeff’s company holiday party to attend and Cait had dinner plans with her boyfriend so we figured blowouts were appropriate, but let’s be real having someone else blow dry your hair is always appropriate!

I am not sure if they were understaffed or just overbooked that particular evening but we had an appointment at 4:30 and didn’t get sat until 4:50. Which didn’t end up getting in the way of our plans however The Dry Bar I have been to in the past was EXTREMELY punctual, so much so that they weren’t flexible in the reservation time. Regardless we both left with blowouts perfect for our respective evenings out on the town!

After our blowouts we hopped over to Athleta where we were greeted with goodie bags filled with headbands, hair ties, a water bottle and some other goodies! Athleta is currently having a “power of intention” event where customers can come in take their picture and write out their 2016 intention and hang it in the store window (accountability at its finest!). Both Cait and I happily joined in on the fun! I thought it was appropriate to use one of my intentions I previously posted and write “explore Boston.”

athleta intentions chestnut hill

me and cait chestnut hill square

We didn’t have much time to shop because we were running behind schedule but we did spot some cute apparel we hope to make it back for sometime soon.

After our shopping it was time for a cocktail! We walked a couple stores down to Seasons 52 to grab a couple glasses of champagne.
me at seasons 52

We also got an appetizer, at Cait’s recommendation we ordered one of Season 52’s signature flatbreads; the blackend steak and blue cheese which was incredible! They fortunately have a gluten free menu and offer their flatbread gluten free which earns MAJOR brownie points for me at any restaurant. Both Cait and one of the managers said they think the gf flatbreads are better than the regular ones, which isn’t something you hear very often! While I haven’t tried to regular flatbread I was very impressed with the gf version, the crust was perfect it wasn’t too crunchy which sometimes happens with gluten free dough.

season 52 flatbread chestnut hill square

While we could have stayed there all night we each had other plans to get to so we eventually hit the road so we could make it to our other plans in time.

Stay tuned for my birthday recap part 2 tomorrow!

I received the items mentioned above complimentary. They were given to me in exchange for an honest review and post of my experience at all the locations. I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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