LOLA: making that time of the month a little easier

Yes, this title means exactly what you are thinking, we are going to talk about that time of the month!

Ladies, we all know how awful that time of the month can be. It usually shows up unannounced at the most inconvenient of time and leaves us feel drained, cranky and hangry!

If you are anything like me you never seem to have tampons when the time of the month rolls around and you frantically scour every inch of your house and every purse/bag you own in the hopes to find one just to tide you over until you can make it to the store.

Enter LOLA, LOLA was created to make our lives just a little bit easier!

lola tampon

Each box comes with 18 tampons in it and you can choose if you want them to be regular, light or super, or make a combo box. You select how many boxes you would like delivered to your door and you decide how often you would like the delivery to come. I’ll be honest, I have an IUD so I don’t get my period on the regular but it does make its appearance every now and then so I got one box and when I start to get low I will put in an order for another box.

Made from 100% cotton LOLA tampons have no additives, synthetics, chemicals or dyes. So you can feel safe using them.

Bonus: Get FREE Shipping

Double Bonus: Get TWO boxes for the price of ONE!

The post is a sponsored post by Lola, affiliate links are included. Which means if you sign up, I get a little something, something 😉 all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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