Terrarium making at Terrain

Ever since Terrain opened in Westport, CT my mom and I have wanted to take one of their terrarium making classes.

The store is just so magical, I can’t help but be happy when I walk in there! However, it is WILDLY expensive (think like $28 for a 12 pack of cocktail naps.. that you throw away!) But, they certainly know how to decorate! Every season/holiday is perfectly planned out and perfectly executed, I am telling you they do not miss a beat!

I mean come on, don’t you want this to be your home!

Anyway, they have these stunning terrariums all over the store and I always want to buy 5 when I go into the store. Terrariums for those of you who might not be familiar with them are glass containers, either seal-able or not used as decorative plant homes. You can have hanging, open or closed vessels and you can use succulents or plants.

While window shopping there a few weeks ago my mom and I saw they were having a holiday terrarium making class and we immediately went home and signed up.

It was a packed store and packed class this past Sunday when we took the class. The class was set in the back of the store and they blocked us off for some privacy. After a quick lesson on how to make a terrarium and what needs to go in first we were sent off to pick our vessels and our plants.

I have a black thumb when it comes to plants, like I kill ALL plants. I had an herb “garden” on my porch and killed my plants in 1 day, so ya. I like succulents because they require little attention, are so pretty and last FOR.EV.ER! So my terrarium focused on succulents.

The instructors helped us pick our vessels and our plants and when we got back to the work area they really helped us put ours together. When I started mine it was a hot mess, I put way too much soil in mine and succulents don’t require much soil. So I started fresh and added some black stones on the bottom and embedded my plants into the rocks. I had added some pretty moss and light green rocks to add some color. I am really happy with the way mine turned out and my mom’s was beautiful as well and she was happy with the way hers turned out.


terrain westport

We had so much fun at our little outing and will definitely do another one!

terrain workshop

Have you ever made a terrarium?

Do you like having plants in your home?

No one paid me for this and we paid for the class, we genuinely had a great time and I strongly encourage anyone in the area to try one sometime!

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