Weekend Recap

The Monday blue’s are even more real these days because it means another week with Jeff gone, actually this time around I wont see him for a week and a half. Sure, some nights its nice to be in charge of the TV (aka watch The Affair) but I would much prefer to have him around to hang out with. But, soon enough we will be reunited in our new apartment in Boston!

But we certainly had a great weekend!

I started my Friday evening with a girls night with my friend Lindsay, we went to Brick and Wood and had a great dinner, we both enjoyed our respective pizza and enjoyed getting a chance to sit at the pizza bar and watch the pizza’s being made in the giant pizza oven. Jeff arrived later in the evening and after chatting for a bit we called it a night.

Saturday morning started the way it usually does for me these day, going to Kickboxing class! I am really going to miss my Saturday morning kickboxing class but I am certain I will find one like it or some other workout to start my Saturdays off with!

Post kickboxing Jeff and I took Brady to the lake to again, enjoy the unseasonably warm December we are having. It is such a nice treat to get still be able to go outside with a light jacket on. I am not sure what I am going to do when it actually gets cold! Brady thoroughly enjoyed having both of us there to walk with him!

After our walk Jeff and I finished Narcos on Netflix. Which, if you haven’t started watching the series I highly recommend it! We love it and can’t wait for season 2!

Later in the evening we headed to a Hanukkah party! Jeff helped me make some Peppermint Brownies from Food and Wine.
Peppermint brownies

We also brought the L’Amis Barbaresco by Earthshaker wine that Cait graciously shared with us! Which we enjoyed with latkes and good conversation!
earthshaker wine

It was a fun evening and we had some delicious food. After the party Jeff and I came home and watched Bad Santa, it was the first time we both watched it and thought it was pretty entertaining, it wouldn’t be my first holiday movie pick but I am glad I saw it!

Sunday we woke up to even better weather then the day before and brought Brady for another hike. After our hike we went to a delicious brunch with my parents at our family friends house!

I also woke up with a lovely cold on Sunday morning so after brunch we came home and got in the holiday spirit by watching The Holiday, which is one of my favorite holiday movies but I really could watch it anytime of year!

Now we are all caught up! Hope you had a great weekend!

Did you have any holiday parties?

Did you watch any movies?

Have you watched Narcos?

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