Weekend in Boston

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend, here I am again recapping the weekend a day late! OH, well!

Jeff and I spent the weekend in Boston! We got to Boston late afternoon on Friday and spent the afternoon roaming around the City with his parents. We ended up along the water and stopped at Atlantic Beer Garden for a drink before heading to dinner.
me and jeff

It was a busy evening in Boston because a lot of people were in town for the BC, ND football game on Saturday night. We didn’t think to make a reservation anywhere because no where in Fairfield takes reservations so we always forget that is an option.

Luckily we were able to grab a table by the bar at Atlantic Fish Co. and we had an amazing meal! First of all they had a cocktail called St. Germaine Cocktail; basically what my drink of dreams are made of. It came in a super cool glass that thanks to my mother in law I was able to keep without having to “take” it. For my meal I got the swordfish with brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes, it was beyond delicious! After dinner with Jeff’s parents we parted ways and met up with my friend Lindsay in her neighborhood for a few drinks before calling it a night.

Saturday morning I met with Cait and my friend Robbin for a spin class at Velo-City in Back Bay. Velo-City is a spin studio that plays amazing music! They always post on their schedule the theme or genre of music you can expect for your class. On Saturday ours was Acapella vs. Pitch Perfect, I wish there was more Pitch Perfect songs in it to be honest but the teacher was awesome and kicked our butts, it was a great class and I will definitely be back!

After class I met up with Jeff and his parents for a quick lunch at B.Good (we actually just got one in Fairfield but I have yet to go.) it was really good! After lunch I left the three of them (they were headed to the BC vs. ND football game and had pre-game activities to do), and headed to meet up with my friend Lindsay, her mom, mom’s friend and step-sister for a girls afternoon. We went shopping at Primark a new store in Boston, it is like Forever 21 and H&M had a baby and this is what came out of that relationship. EVERYTHING is under $20, I may have seen one or two things over the $20 mark but for the most part it was all well under $20. I left with a few goodies, I couldn’t pass up the price tag for a $7 blanket scarf!

After shopping and walking around cocktails were necessary so we stopped at The Merchant for a drink. After The Merchant everyone left Lindsay and I so we decided to walk to the Prudential Center and get a drink at The Top of The Hub.
me and lindsay
After drinks we headed to La Galleria 33 in the North End for dinner with Lindsay’s mom and mom’s friend. We all enjoyed our meals and I definitely appreciate and Italian restaurant that has gluten free pasta. After dinner we were all pretty beat and called it a night.

The next morning we met up for brunch at The Fireplace Restaurant in Brookline, MA. Our brunch was incredible! We all got the “could be anything” omelet special of the day and on this particular day it had goat cheese, caramelized onions and sweet potatoes in it! It was INCREDIBLE! I will be recreating this at home often!

Shortly after breakfast we said our goodbyes and Jeff and I made our way back home after picking up my brother from school on the way!

This past weekend was so much fun and as you can see full of lots of delicious food!

How was your weekend?

Did you eat anything new and exciting?

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