Making The Perfect Martini With Absolut Elyx

A few nights ago I was given the opportunity to bring some friends together and learn how to make the perfect martini!

I originally thought Jeff would be able to attend the evening with me so I decided to make it into a triple date night and invite my friend Brianna and her husband Nils and my friend Allison and her husband Assaf. Jeff wasn’t able to come so it was a fifth wheel date night for me but we still had fun, it’s tough to get everyone out these days.

Our event took place at Market Place in Danbury CT. Which was a cute and modern restaurant with brick walls, I love a restaurant that has brick walls, there was just something cozy about it.

When we arrived we were greeted with a cocktail made from Absolut Elyx, ginger liquor and fresh squeezed lime juice. We all enjoyed it but wished there was a stronger presence of the ginger liquor. After our pre show drink Piper our Absolut Elyx and martini guru for the evening got the real party started.

absolut elyx

A little history on the martini (aka the king of classic cocktails) the first martini emerged in the 1880s, the drink consisted of Italian sweet vermouth and gin in equal parts. In 1903 the ‘dry’ martini was established; at this time the only difference was the use of French dry vermouth instead of the Italian vermouth.

As the drink grew more popular the new variations were made. The style commonly know today as a ‘dry’ martini meant a ratio of 5 parts gin and one part vermouth and the less vermouth the ‘drier’ the martini. This left the original martini 2 parts gin and 1 part vermouth known as the ‘wet’ martini.

In the 1950’s the dry martini became very popular and the use of vodka instead of gin became the new way to drink a martini. In the 1960s the ‘dry’ martini was so firmly established that people often drank it without vermouth at all. The popularity of vodka in Europe and the US changed many people from gin martini drinkers to vodka.

Fun fact: America is responsible for 40% of the world’s vodka consumption.

Nowadays people consider anything that goes into a martini glass a martini but the true martini is ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ shaken or stirred, olive or twist, gin or vodka, sweet vermouth or dry.

Ok, ok enough about the history.

After we learned about martinis and the difference between ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ the bartender made one of each for us to share and see which one we liked better (side note: none of us have ever ordered or really considered drinking a martini) we were all in agreement that we liked a ‘wet’ martini better. Piper told us that it is usually the “gateway” way to drink a martini and as you play around with them more and drink them more often you start to enjoy them ‘dry.’ After we learned how to make each we each got the opportunity to make our own whichever way we liked it the best.

After we made out martinis our lesson was over and we were given some food to enjoy while we sipped out martinis and caught up with each other!
me and bree

allison pouring martini


They ordered us the flat-bread pizza (everyone said it was good) calamari, the chicken nachos (which were amazing and gf!) and I asked to try the blistered Brussels sprouts which they brought out for us and were amazing!
gf nachos


While we all decided we liked martinis more than we thought we would we still aren’t 100% we would order one the next time we are out.

A huge thank you to Piper, Absolut Elyx and Market Place for giving us such a fun and different night out!
the group

Disclaimer: Absolut Elyx took care of all the drinks and food highlighted in this post. As usual all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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