Weekend Recap

Hey there! Hope you had a great weekend, our weekend was equal parts busy and fun!

Jeff’s dad was in town on Friday so we enjoyed getting to spend some time with him. On Friday afternoon I made him enjoy a walk at the beach with me and Brady. Afterwards we met up with my parents for dinner in town. It was a quick trip but we are looking forward to having both my in-laws in town for Thanksgiving in a few weeks!

Saturday morning we said goodbye to my father in-law, I took a killer kickboxing class with my friend and then Jeff and I tackled packing up our apartment! We are moving out on Friday and we wanted to get as much boxed up and out of the way as we could. We finally took a break to got over to my parents house to visit with family friends, decorate Halloween cookies with their daughter and have a delicious dinner. Oh, and torture our poor dog!



Sunday was full or chores, more packing, going to the PopShop Market with my friends Lindsay and Cat. Honestly the PopShop Market wasn’t really anything to write home about, there weren’t very many vendors there and for the most part they were all selling similar things. But I did think these lights were really cool.

Brady and I went for a walk at the beach in the afternoon and than headed to my parents for dinner. My grandma is in town for the week so I am looking forward to spending quality time with her!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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