2015 Greenwich Wine and Food Festival

As usual this years Greenwich Wine and Food Festival did not disappoint! In fact, Jeff and I both made comments that we think it gets better and better every year.

I can never decide how I want to write about our day, there are over 100 vendors there and no way I can remember everything so I am just going to highlight my favorites of the day.

We have really lucked out with the weather gods and have had perfect weather for the past 3 years. We arrived around 1:30 ready to kick off a fun day of eating and drinking!
greenwich wine and food 2015

Our typical plan of attack for the day is to sample all the beverages and taste all of the food. Around 3 o’clock they open up a burger tent and a BBQ tent. I really look forward to the burger tent so I like to save room so I can try the burgers. Also this year they added a taco and tequila tent that they were opening around 6pm which I knew I definitely wanted to have room in my stomach for!

Some highlights in the main tent:
One of the first things we tried food wise was this delicious beef and sweet potato casserole from Ruth Chris Steakhouse located in White Plains. The casserole was soo good and had the perfect amount of brown sugar in it. I think I might need to make something like this for Thanksgiving.
beef and smashed sweets

Geronimo located in Fairfield and New Haven, CT served up some of their delicious chips and guac which I can never say no to!

I also sampled a delicious shrimp and scallop ceviche from Rowayton Seafood located in Norwalk, CT. I am now awaiting a special occasion so we can go visit the restaurant!

The Granola Bar located in Westport, CT was sampling and array of food but the thing that grabbed my attention the most was their Paleo Blueberry Muffin. It was so delicious and I could have gone back for several more!
the granola bar westport ct

Bee Kind Farms located in Greenwich, CT was selling and sampling some of their local honey. I ended up buying a bottle of honey because local honey is SOOO amazing for allergies. I also sampled some of the homemade corn bread with honey drizzled over it and couldn’t get over how good the cornbread and honey combo was!
bee kind farms

bee kind farms

Kathy Lee Gifford was pouring her own Gifft Wine so I jumped at the chance to grab a picture with her. She was super nice and shook everyone’s hand who came up to her table. Her wine was pretty good, but I will be honest and had sampled so much wine by then it all started to blend together.
gwff kathy lee gifford

We had to say hi to our favorite 90 Plus Cellars and sample even though we already knew we loved them considering its the only wine we poured at our wedding!
90 plus wine

After our time in the main tent we headed over to get some burgers/bbq/tacos/tequila!

It wouldn’t be a Greenwich Wine and Food Festival if I didn’t have my favorite Spiked Seltzer and if I didn’t enjoy it with a burger (sans bun after photo was taken). In my opinion Plan B Burger knows how to do a cheese burger! The burger was perfectly seasoned and I may or may not have had 2 or 3 of them!
spiked seltzer and plan b

Mike’s Organic Delivery is a home delivery service (in Connecticut) bringing organic produce straight from small local farms to your doorstep. They sampled an array of fresh grilled vegetables. The zucchini and corn were two of my favorites.
mikes organic delivery

mikes organic delivery

Mezon located in Danbury, CT served up some delicious Espolon tequila drinks served along side their chicken tacos!
mezon tequila

chicken tacos from mezon

I could go on but I think I should stop here. We had so much fun eating and drinking the day away. We are so grateful that we have gotten to attend the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival 3 years in a row and are already counting down the days until next year!

I received 2 complimentary tickets in exchange for promotion of the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival before, during and after. ALL opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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