Natural Ways To Cure a Hangover

Let’s be honest, as we get older the hangovers get worse and WORSE! And much to my husbands dismay I am not one to pop an advil when I wake up with a hangover, I would rather ride the headache out and do it the natural way.

Natural ways to cure a hangover

1. H20 and lots of it!
You all already know this one but sometimes we forget, and it’s important to drink it the night before too!
lemon and mint water

2. Green juices!
green juice

Vegetables help cleanse the digestive system, they remove toxins as much as possible through elimination.

There is calcium and magnesium in most vegetables an essential combination that can help and relieve headaches.

The most effective juices for removing toxins derive from the bitter juices, for example bittergourd, arugula, watercress or grapefruit. They are excellent in the cleansing, repairing and nourishing of the kidneys and liver that are affected from too much consumption of alcohol. The high content of vitamin C in grapefruit and lemon continues the necessary detoxifying work.

Cantaloupe and watermelon juices are diuretic. They are also helpful for flushing out the toxicity from your system through the kidneys.

3. Fish oil or Borage Oil:
Drinking causes inflammation and taking a combination of fish oil and borage oil will help reduce inflammation.

4. Prickly Pear Extract:
It will reduce the severity of your hangover especially if you are feeling nauseous. The proper dosage of this is 1600 IU.

5. Fresh air: One of the best things for me to do to cure a hangover is to get outside and get some fresh air. I’m not saying you need to go workout but go for a little stroll around your neighborhood or just sit outside.

How do you cure a hangover?

Do you do any of the remedies I mentioned above?

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