Why Barre Compliments Running

Being that my main workouts are running and pure barre I thought I would share why I think they are a good compliment to each other.

1.) It forces you to stretch: On average I run 12-20 miles a week, nothing crazy but enough to make my legs pretty tight. Ask me if I ever stretch after and the answer is probably no. I always tell myself I will do it later when I am hanging out watching tv and then the time comes and the couch just seems so much more appealing. Thankfully I go to Pure Barre 3-4 days a week where I am forced to get my stretch on. Even going one day a week would be better than nothing if I want to prevent injury.

2.) It prepares you for the pain you will feel after a long run: The torture you put yourself through after 5 minutes of thigh will totally prepare you for that leg pain you will experience after going out for a long run, or running a long race, heck even going out for a fast short run.

3.) It works your core: Barre class really (like really, really) works your core and we all know core strength is crucial for preventing injury while running. Core strength reinforces the way your pelvis, abs, hips and lower back work together thus making your muscles work in sync with your legs.

4.) It strengthens your legs: between all the thigh and seat sprint you do in class barre really strengthens and tones your legs making you a stronger and potentially faster runner. It might sound crazy but after doing barre for a while and than running a half marathon I felt like I noticed a huge change in my legs ability to keep me trucking a long.

5.) It teaches you to keep going: There are soo many times in class that my legs are shaking and burning so much that all I want to do it give up or take a break but I always remind myself that the pain is only temporary and that it will be over before I know it. The same thing goes when I am running, there have been plenty of times when I just want to stop and walk a little bit but I know walking will only hurt me so I have to remind myself that I can make it through thigh sprints in barre I can make it through anything.

keep going

Do you think running and pure barre go together?

What workout would you pair together?

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