Celebrating the 4th of July in Cape Cod

Hello there! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Jeff and I are coming off a nice long weekend in Cape Cod.

On Friday morning we hit the road to West Falmouth to celebrate the holiday weekend with my parents and family friends. One our way to the Cape we decided to drive in a bit further than our final destination so Jeff could get pizza at George’s in Harwichport. Jeff spent many summers in Harwichport with his family and he couldn’t go to Cape Cod without getting some pizza there. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a brand new juice bar J Bar so I stopped in there for a green juice!

After our lunch stop we headed back to West Falmouth. We made it just in time to meet up with everyone to head to the beach for the afternoon.
jeff on beach
Aside from lounging, we did some swimming and walking around on the beach.

After that we headed home to shower and change before heading into town for dinner, ice cream and back home for some drinks by the fire pit.

Saturday morning we woke up to an overcast day

Perfect for the guys to go golfing and the girls to go for a hike with the dog and a bike ride to Woodshole for lunch.

Me, my mom and our family friend road from their house to Woodshole which is about 8 miles there. They had a nice bike path to ride along, it was very scenic and easy to navigate. Once we arrived in Woodshole we parked our bikes and headed to Quicks Hole Taqueria where we all got some sangria and my mom and I shared some chips and guac and got a fantastic lobster taco! Seriously this taco was soo amazing I wish I could have it again!

chips and guac

lobster taco

We walked around a bit before getting back on our bikes and heading home. Once home we all got ready for the 4th of July cookout we were off to!

My mom’s friend from work has a cookout at there house every year for the 4th and we went this year. They have so much delicious food, smoked chicken and pork, fresh ceviche, clams, muscles, homemade grape leaves just to name a few things!
smoked chicken

We hung out at the party for a while drinking, eating and chatting. Once we were done we headed to get ice cream and home to set up a bonfire and watch some fireworks and sparklers of course!

We had such a fun weekend and were sad to wake up Sunday morning to head home. We hope we can make another trip to the Cape happen before the summer is over!

How was your 4th of July weekend?

Have you ever been to the Cape? Where do you usually stay?

Do you watch the fireworks?

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