Our Bermuda Vacation

Last Saturday Jeff and I headed to Newark Airport to meet up with his parents and sister and sisters fiance (!!!!!)(obviously this is a new thing, which we will get to later).

We went to Bermuda to celebrate my mother in laws 60th birthday! Jeff and his family grew up going there with his grandparents so it has an extra special place in all of their hearts. This was my first time to Bermuda so it was nice to see and hear about all of their memories there.

We arrived in Bermuda late Saturday afternoon and took a cab to our home for the next few days. Jeff’s dad rented a house for all of us to stay and it was so nice! It was nice to be able to cook dinner (we had a grocery store within walking distance) and hang out on the porch every night.
bermuda house

Plus we had this view to wake up and come home to everyday!
pineapple palm trees

We were fortunate enough to have a beach walking distance to our house so we spent a lot of time there our first day. This beach was my favorite because I was able to swim laps back and forth. It was also a small beach and most times we went had little to no people there.

In Bermuda you can only have cars if you are a resident. Visitors can rent mopeds or rely on public transportation. We rented mopeds, Jeff was my chauffeur for the trip. It’s pretty scary riding the back of one of those things but Jeff did a good job of driving us around, I would hire him again.

On our second day in Bermuda we headed to Elbow Beach where we spent the majority of the day walking the beach (Back in the day Jeff ran into Adam Sandler and some other famous people while on the beach so I was hoping I could have a celeb siting! But, no such luck!), in the water and kayaking. It was a hot day so you didn’t really want to spend too much time laying on the towel.

We also dined al fresco at Mickey’s on this day and all welcomed a chance to get in the shade, eat some good food and hydrate.

We also headed to Gibbs Light House to see the view of Bermuda from the top.

The next day we spent lounging on our local beach before taking the ferry to Hamilton. Hamilton seemed to be the “happening” place on Bermuda, they had the most restaurants and shops compared to any other area we passed through. After spending some time there we headed back for dinner and to spend our last night hanging out on the porch.

Shortly after dinner the evening took an exciting turn of events when Kim (my sil) and her boyfriend came back from an after dinner stroll to announce they were engaged!!!!!!!!!
kim and mike

It was a very nice way to end the vacation! I am so glad we got to be there to celebrate with them!

Now we are back to reality but dreaming about the beautiful weather, views and company we had on vacation.

Have you ever been to Bermuda?

Do you have any vacations planned for the summer?

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