Essentials for a beach vacation

We are headed off to Bermuda tomorrow and to say I am excited is a understatement! Since I will be busy wishing today away I thought I would share with you my beach vacation essentials.

1.) good sunscreen…nobody wants wrinkles or a sunburn! This season I am loving Block Island Organics sunscreen.
block island organics

2.) A fabulous hat.. I don’t know about you but after a while of being in the sun my scalp starts to get super hot and my face needs some shade. I love a big floppy hat to keep the sun out of my face and off my head. The one I am wearing in the pic below is from Gap, I got it last year on SUPER sale.(p.s. Jeff hats this hat, I LOVE it)

3.) Books..You can’t go to the beach without a good book, or 3. My recommendations for this summers must read books are The Husband’s Secret, Big Little Lies, The Rosie Project, Girl on The Train.

4.) Maxi dresses..nothing says summer or beach vacation better than a Maxi dress. They are hands down the comfiest and cutest dress to wear. I like to go for the plain jane colors and wear fun chunky necklaces with them!
me and rachel


5.) Mags.. preferably trashy mags, the trashier the better if you ask me (re: UsWeekly or OKmagazine). But if you put a People, Self or Women’s Health in front of me I wont turn it down.

6.) A cute suit.. most of my bathing suits come from Target or Old Navy, I seem to always have food luck there.

7.) Reusable water bottle so you can drink ALLLLL the H20! My favorite is my beloved BKR

8.) A cute beach bag to carry ALL the things. I snagged this one on super sale at Old Navy.

What are your beach vacation essentials?

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