Tips for getting a good nights sleep

I have a lot of people come into the store looking for help sleeping. While they usually just want me to hand them a pill to help I like to try to talk about ways they can help themselves sleep without having to rely on melatonin or taking some other pill.

Tips for getting a good nights sleep

Shut off technology an hour before bed: Watching tv, being on your computer and being on your phone is sensory stimulating so it wont help relax you.

Create a night time ritual that helps you unwind: make a nightly habit of drinking tea, take a bath, stretch or do some yoga moves, meditate or do deep breathing exercises, drink a glass of wine

Read: reading always helps me fall asleep, sometimes I can’t even get through 3 pages without dosing off.

Write things down: whenever I can’t sleep because I am thinking about too many things I like to wake up and write it all down, that way it is out there and I will hopefully stop thinking about it and get a good nights sleep.

Exercise daily: exercising will help you get a good nights sleep. It helps give you a chance to de-stress and take your mind off the busy day you may have had.

Take magnesium: I wrote all about its benefits here and this article is also full of great information about it.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

How do you get a good nights sleep?

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  • I’m really struggling with this at the moment. The closer I get to holiday the less I sleep. I can’t say it’s because of stress, but my mind is busy and even though I fall asleep, I wake up after an hour or two and then I struggle to sleep again.

    • It is probably because you are excited and thinking of all the things you have to do before the holiday. It always helps me to write lists if things are keeping me awake, I am usually able to go asleep after that once I have put my thoughts on paper.