Tips for making the most out of your cardio workout

1.) Change it up: Change the incline and speed on any machine (aka HIIT). It challenges you and will help you to torch calories. Here are some great HIIT workouts to try out!
pbfingers blog has some great workout has good HIIT workout
I have a few which you can find here.
Websites like popsugar, Shape and Fitness magazine have great workouts too.

2.) Stay off your phone: I have noticed that if I spend time flipping through facebook and instagram I work a lot less harder than if I were to just focus on my workout.

3.) Hop on and off: Hop on a machine for 5 minutes, hop off and do a variation of jumping jacks, burpees, squats, lunges, plank jacks or something else of the sort and jump back on a machine and go back and forth for a half hour or so. It helps mix things up and makes time go by faster.

4.) Listen to upbeat music: Listening to rap music and pop music makes me workout so much harder.
Some great playlists can be found here, here, here, here and here.

5.) Mix it up: Try not to do the same cardio workout everyday, or every other day depending on how often you do cardio. Sometimes I have what I like to call cardio ADD and hop from on machine to the other and end up getting a great cardio workout. Also try going to different cardio classes to mix things up!
orange theory

Do you have any tips for making the most out of your workout?

What is your favorite form of cardio?

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  • I can 100% relate to the phone thing. Whenever I am in a class I can really focus on what I’m doing because I don’t have my phone. Sometimes I play with my phone on the stairs because the stairs move at a set pace. But whenever I’m doing stuff on the mat with my phone, I totally slack. I’ve been trying to keep it tucked away in my arm band!
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