Why I’m drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Working in a health food store forces me to try a lot of things I most likely would have never gone out and tried on my own. I do a lot for myself supplement wise, more than I EVER thought I would.

One thing I have added into my morning routine is drinking aloe juice! I’ll be honest, it doesn’t taste that great at all but if you add a splash or pure fruit juice it isn’t so bad.

But why is aloe so good for you you ask? I will tell you!
-It detoxifies the body and colon
-It aids in healthy digestion and heartburn (given all of my stomach issues this was an enough of a reason to get me started)
-It strengthens your immune system. It helps with overall health in wellness so if you are someone who gets sick a lot you might want to start drinking this
-It helps eliminate constipation. One of my employees was having issues in this department and started drinking aloe for a week and her issues were alleviated.
-It improves circulation
-It helps regulate blood sugars
-It helps with weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate to burn more calories.
-Collagen and elastin repair (which isn’t something I used to worry about but now I am getting older and have to worry about wrinkles!)

*don’t drink more than 4oz a day.

Do you drink aloe juice?

What is something that you do for yourself everyday vitamin/supplement wise?
When I take all of my supplements in the morning Brady joins me and I give him a fish oil pill. He literally thinks the fish oil is a treat! It is so cute!

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