Marvelous Monday

I’ll be honest my weekend was not exciting at all. Starting Wednesday evening I started having back spasms and they continued into Thursday morning. I went to work unable to stand up straight but hoping they would go away. But they persisted and I had to go to the walk in. They gave me a couple some muscle relaxers and I literally spent the weekend in my bed or on the couch. Needless to say I got a LOT of rest this weekend.

Although my weekend was pretty uneventful it’s only right to start this week off on a positive note!

Marvelous is: Getting lots of rest this weekend! Thanks to some muscle relaxers and not being able to do anything else, I did a lot of sleeping!

Marvelous is: getting back into yoga. I am taking these back spasms as a sign that I have been going a little too hard on my body lately. I need to scale back my running and start listening to my body. So I decided to start taking hot yoga a couple times a week. I went to a class on Sunday night and it felt so good to just stretch!

Marvelous is: Starting a new series. I started watching Revenge and I am hooked! It’s a little ridiculous at times but definitely keeps me entertained. Plus I love Emily VanCamp anyone Everwood fans? I used to love that show!

Marvelous is: 3 days until Christmas!! I can’t believe Christmas is here, this year has flown by! I know Brady is excited!
brady and santa

Marvelous is: The podcast Serial. I just finished the series this weekend! I am so sad its over and I was a tad disappointed in the ending. I am looking forward to the next one, it definitely kept me entertained while walking Brady. I wont say much more in case people reading this want to start listening to it.
But this paradoy is hilarious and a must watch!

Marvelous is: the 2014 haters guide to Williams and Sonoma catalog.

Marvelous is: our wedding video, I shared it on Friday but will share it again because I can’t stop watching it!

How was your weekend?

Have you listened to Serial? What did you think of it?

What TV series are you currently watching?

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  • I’m so so so happy you have started Revenge. It’s soooo good! I miss Everwood often, the start of Chris Pratt, now he’s such a big star!
    I can’t believe Christmas is here either. I’m glad you’ve started doing yoga as a way to ease back on running and stretch a bit more. I’m sure it’s hard to be on your feet all day. Maybe you need to look into some more supportive shoes?
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