Marvelous Monday

Marvelous is: a delicious dinner celebrating Lindsays birthday on Friday night. This time it really was her birthday! I didn’t take any pictures but we went to Mediterraneo and all got delicious food!

Marvelous is: a super busy day at work on Saturday making the day go by so fast! And a visit from my aunt making the day even better to have someone to talk to!

Marvelous is: homemade cappuccinos. I am sort of obsessed with my aerolatte.

Marvelous is: lunch at The Granola Bar in Westport with my mom. Its such a cute little spot and has delicious yogurt bowls along with sandwiches, salad, smoothie and sweet treat options.
granola bar
I got a chai tea latte and a yogurt bowl with granola, almond butter, banana and honey. An unpictured nutella granola bar was shared with my mom.

Marvelous is: celebrating my friend Allisons engagement! Her and her fiance were in town for the evening so we went out to drinks the celebrate the newly engaged!

Marvelous is: all the Parenthood I watched this weekend. I sort of have a problem, but I just can’t stop watching the show!

How was your weekend!?

Did you eat anywhere new and fun!?

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