Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday! Let’s get this week started on a good note.

Marvelous is: a fun Halloween evening! My parents haunted house was a huge success! It started to rain around 8:30 but that didn’t deter kids from coming by.

Marvelous isn’t: going on a date night to a new pizza place, only to find out after ordering a gf pizza they were all out of gf pizza dough. The rest of our time there wasn’t the greatest but we will certainly give it another shot.

Marvelous is: ice cream for dinner instead. I mean who doesn’t want mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate jimmies for dinner!?

Marvelous is: Sunday cuddles with Brady. After a hike with Brady and my mom Brady and I got back into bed, I did some work while he naped.

Marvelous is: this article, just yes!

Marvelous is: trying out Blue Apron this week. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blue Apron it is a food delivery service where they bring you all the ingredients and directions you need for 3 meals. The meals are supposed to take less then 30 minutes. Our first delivery comes on Wednesday and we are looking forward to try some new dishes, things have been pretty boring in the kitchen lately.

How was your weekend?

Did you dress up for Halloween?

What did you go as?

Have you tried Blue Apron?

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