2014 Greenwich Wine and Food Festival

Over the weekend Jeff and I got to attend the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival. We were fortunate enough to have gone last year too.


Last year we had a blast but I think it’s safe to say we had a smidge more fun this year. But it might be because some of our favorite celeb chefs were there.
aron shancez
Aaron Sanchez, he told me thanks for coming out after his Q&A, I quickly responded likewise, we are basically BFF’s now. He is covered in tattoos, he thinks any chef with knives or a carrot tattoo is an amateur. Further securing my spot as his BFF, because I have neither.

adam richman
Adam Richman, best known for his show Man vs. Food. But if you ask me, giving up that show was the best thing he could have done, he is looking mighty FINE. We didn’t talk but we shared a few moments.

We also ran into Geoffrey Zakarian . Jeff was most excited about meeting him, it’s a good thing we got a slight buzz on otherwise we would have just gotten a creeper shot from afar.

Aside from being creepers we ate some delicious food and drank some delicious drinks. Some of the more notable ones were.


OH.MY.GOD this shaved brussels sprouts over a rissotto cake were to die for, I could have eaten all of them! This dish was from Cava located in New Canaan and Southington CT. I am thinking I might have to pay them a visit in New Canaan so I can order the brussels sprouts salad.

plan b
We enjoyed a good old cheese burger from Plan B, which was delicious. FYI, local people the Plan B Fairfield is scheduled to open close to the New Year.

We tried and Elk burger from Bareburger. The burger was super moist (ugh horrible word) and had great flavor but it was a tad gamey so I probably wouldn’t order elk for myself.

good karma
Delicious granola from Good Karma Crunch, I just loved their packaging! I am working on carrying them in the store, I think people will just love it!

crawfish and grits
Crawfish and Grits served from the Johnson Truck they were a tad too spicy for me but the grits were nice and creamy! And they were served by the cutest little boy ever!

We ate a lot more but I didn’t do the best job of documenting everything, I was busy having too much fun and chatting with everybody.

So let’s talk beverages:

spiked seltzer
Spiked seltzer, I had them last year at the event and enjoyed it. This year I must have enjoyed it much more because I paid them several visits trying different flavors. My favorite flavor was the grapefruit. It was super light and refreshing. Dangerously delicious since I could drink it like water.

90 +
We obviously had to pay the 90+ people a visit. We our huge fans of their wine and had to support our friend Cait. We actually poured only 90+ at the wedding thanks to Cait for hooking us up with a deal on cases.

kettle one
Kettle one served up a fancy cocktail of fresh squeezed lemonade, roasted peaches and rosemary sprigs. It was so good and refreshing.

Wine Wise was pouring several different wines but my favorite was the Riondo pink, a sparkling rose. It is a perfect summer drink.

We can’t thank Shelley enough for inviting us to such a fun event!

Have you ever tried elk? Would you try it?

Which food or drink above would you want to try the most?

Have you tried spiked seltzer?

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  • I loved reading this! Spiked Seltzer was at the Newport festival I went to but I didn’t try any because I focused on their neighbor table St-Germain. The Ketel One drink sure looks fab and I am loving that sparkling rose – I drank too much of it last night yet it still looks good to me. Remember at TON when you eating a Plan B burger was such a big deal, now it’s like whatevs, how times have changed! That Brussels thing looks to die for, OMG. Also any restaurant called Cava has gotta be good. Thanks for the 90+ shoutout!!!
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  • I’m looking for the name of the fish used by the chef from Fjord fish market – the beautifully wrapped fish with tangerine (or orange) and a spice seasoning (i think salt, pepper, old bay?) with a touch of olive oil – ring a bell?

    Looking for the full description of another dish – here’s what I have, if you are able to fill in the blanks or correct where I’m mistaken, that would be tremendously helpful…

    Tuna crudo with olive and truffle oil – plated separately from a neat pile of pine nuts, dried black currant, and then there was a white, green, and red sauce that was unbelievable..Trying to remember what they called it?


  • I’ve never tried spiked seltzer but when I saw your insta the other day it became very important to me that I find it! Looks like you guys had a great time :)