What we did in Kauai Part 2

In case you missed part one of this recap you can find it here and in case you missed the food recap you can find it here.

After we spent a couple days relaxing on the beach we decided to do some touristy things.

We took a helicopter tour of the island. This was really cool to see! Jeff’s favorite part was when we saw the waterfall from Jurassic park and they played the music from the movie. I don’t even remember the company we went with for this but there are a ton of companies to book with,
jurassic park

Another day we took a 2 mile kayak to hike 2 miles to a waterfall we could swim in and then hiked and kayaked back home. I really enjoyed this trip, we had fun kayaking together and hiking the trails.
waterfall 1


On another day we took a rafting tour along the Na Pali Coast.

We saw dolphins while on the tour.

We also went in a bunch of caves.
We stopped to go snorkeling but unfortunately the water was to murky to see anything.

After the rafting we stopped to see Waimea Canyon. Which was really beautiful. I liked that we saw all of these sights from the sky the day before and then were able to see everything at eye level.
waimea canyon

The last hike I forced Jeff to do was to hike to Hanakapi’ai. The trail can become dangerous if it is going to rain and a fair amount of people have died because of flash floods. The hike could actually be 11 miles if you wanted it to be, but we did not do that. We wanted to make it to the beach (you cannot swim at this beach, the swell is too strong) and turn around and relax on another beach for the day.

hanakapi 'ai

Everyone tells you to go to Hanalei to watch the sunset. So we got some wine and some pringels and watched the sunset. It was so pretty watch and not easy to document.

We spent our last few days at the hotel pool relaxing, reading and working on our tans.

We has the best time on our honeymoon and wished it didn’t have to end. I hope we can make it back to Hawaii again sometime in the future.

Have you ever seen dolphins?

What would be your favorite thing if you got to do all the things we did?

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  • Oh my gosh how funny that they played the Jurassic Park music when you saw that waterfall! What a nice touch! Love that you got to kayak so I guess the bach weekend was practice for your honeymoon ๐Ÿ˜›
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